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The fullness of sex

Forbidden Fruit – Artist: Elizabeth Stienstra

What is the fullness of sex?

I googled fullness and the search mainly brought up ‘fullness’ in relation to Christ. (not what I was looking for).

I was looking for ‘some art’ or ‘writings’ in relation to the need of being filled up sexually.

How do we fill up sexually?
Why do we fill up sexually?

The dictionary defines fullness: as the state of being filled to capacity. The dictionary defines full: as containing or holding as much or as many as possible — having no empty space.

I crave fullness in my life.
in my mouth.
in my cunt.
​in my work.

What drives this constant need to be filled up? To be stuffed by something outside myself?

I recently wrote an article about double penetration for Penthouse Magazine. I believe the reason I love DP so much is because I’m constantly craving to have no empty space. When everything is filled, I am complete and at my most content — sexually and emotionally.

In August, artist duo New Scenario launched a project titled Body Holes which uses the human body as an art gallery. Nostrils, belly buttons, anuses, penises and vaginas become exhibition places. “If the body were a museum,” they say, “there would be seven galleries.”

My favourite thing to be filled with is cock but I also accept tongues, fingers, vibrators, saliva, sperm, fruit, promises, champagne and love. Just fill me up and spill me over. Just cure me of my eternal emptiness and longing.

In my search for literature on the filling up of orifices. I discovered a book titled Libido:The French Existential Theories. It includes essays from philosophers such as Sartre speaking about sexuality and the filling up of orifices both physically and consciously. I will definitely purchase!