Critical Acclaim

Photo of Vanessa de Largie in Italy 2017, aged 40.

Vanessa is one of life’s natural polymaths: she acts, she dances, she writes and a lot more… And she does it all with great panache and a finely tuned instinct for the viscera, the inner turmoil, the bodily pleasures – and horrors. As a publisher, it was her writing that caught my eye: sheer, gutsy unadorned prose that dives on her subject like a morsel in the eye of a bird of prey…

~ Paul Ham, Acclaimed Australian Historian

Many moral crusaders seem driven by hunger for power. Take actor and writer, Vanessa de Largie.

~ Andrew Bolt, Journalist, The Herald Sun

Ms. de Largie’s self-serving claim not to be a “conservative” is debunked by a quick Google search.  She is just a purveyor of standard extreme RWNJ tropes, a wannabe Bettina Arndt.

~ Ken Parish, Former Australian Politician

Vanessa de Largie is a writer with the courage to explore subject matter other writers would choose to defer, deny or dilute. She articulates truths so close to the bone, you feel like you’re in the room with her (sometimes when you’d rather not be). Her work jumps off the page, grabs you by the scruff of the neck and drags you along at breakneck speed, leaving you thrilled, exhausted, exhilarated. You’ll need to talk about it.

~ Paul Kooperman, Manager of Communications at the Department of Premier and Cabinet (Vic), Former CEO of Australian Poetry

Vanessa de Largie’s wonderful fierce and tender sexuality reminds me of Anais Nin’s: she’s a woman who doesn’t deny her body and her desires but follows them unafraid and rejoicing. These days this sincerity makes her a truly refreshing voice – and a happy one to find.

~ Kate Holden, Australian Author and Former Age Columnist

I first met Vanessa at a film festival in Brussels in April 2008, which was a delight. I have come to know Vanessa as an incredibly versatile, ambitious and highly committed multi-talent, who knows what she wants and genuinely cares about people.

~ Ton Van Rooij, Dutch Journalist – Holland Focus and The International Correspondent

Looming large and over this year’s Sexy International Film Festival – despite its myriad other attractions – was the preternatural presence of versatile and local actor Vanessa de Largie.

De Largie first came to Cultural Cringe’s notice in local auteur Bill Mousoulis’s extraordinary 2007 vampire film, Nocturne Night Of The Vampire, where her natural ability, unearthly beauty and her sheer presence, like that of an old time Hollywood star complimented gorgeously Mousoulis’s directing style.

~ Tony McMahon, Journalist, Inpress Magazine

Yes, yes, YES! Ohmigod Yes! No sadly I’m not in the middle of a When Harry Met Sally orgasm, but I am screaming in agreement at Vanessa de Largie’s brilliant piece on how women want sex not romance.

~ Samantha X – Madam & Journalist – The Daily Telegraph

One of the reasons Vanessa de Largie is one of the best sex writers around is because she can always make us consider the many different sides to a situation.  As Vanessa notes, slut shaming is so ingrained in our society, people may not even know they are propagating these hurtful ideas.

~ Jon Pressick, Canadian Sexpert, Kinkly

I met Vanessa de Largie some years ago after we’d worked on a Literary Festival script-reading together and later when she acted in a feature film of mine. Subsequently I attended performances of plays she performed in. Again, the excellence of her beautifully nuanced performance was remarkable. Over the years I’ve been very impressed with Vanessa’s commitment to acting and devotion to a number of disciplines associated with the performing arts.

~ Angelo Salamanca, Australian Film Director & Screenwriter

Vanessa’s writing is very powerful and quite haunting.  Her creative almost poetic approach to the text, with it’s short journal-like sections, is unusual for a book on this subject, but it works very effectively to emphasis the fragmented surreal nature of the narrator’s experience.

– Former Commissioning Editor at Penguin Books (Australia), Simon & Schuster (Australia) and Lothian Books.

This book is powerfully written. It’s a hard book to read because it is so emotionally disturbing, but important and courageous.

~ Gretchen Wagner – Senior Reviewer – San Francisco Book Review

No other book on the subject captures the bare-bones process of survival as does Don’t Hit Me!: hopefully readers in similar circumstances will not only recognize the pain, fear and anger, but will come to understand the process that ultimately led Vanessa de Largie to become a survivor instead of a statistic.

-Diane Donovan – Midwest Book Review

The style is direct and has a real immediacy to it.  There’s an understated beauty to it as well that is hard to describe.  It reminds me a little of both Dorothy Porter and Anna Akhmatova.

~Jennifer Muirhead – Chief Editor – A Comfy Chair

I’d like to say that everyone should read this book because if enough people vicariously experience humanity’s brokenness, we might be able to help fix it.

– Official Online Bookclub

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# Winner of the 2016 Readers Favorite Award Silver
# Winner of the 2014 Global eBook Award Bronze 
# Winner of the 2014 Honorable Mention Award London Book Festival
​# 5/5 Stars Readers Favorite Winner
# Five-star Review Midwest Book Review
# Five-star Review San Francisco Book Review
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