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Is Anal The New Black?

“Nothing wrong with a bit of bum-fun Nessa!”

My British girlfriend said, as we sat in a London pub knocking back pints.  It was 2009.  A big year for me.  

I’d spent a month studying acting in New York with famous film director Mike Nicholls. 

I’d been a guest at The Razor Reel Film Festival in Belgium.  

I’d spent 3 months in London, trying to pick up acting work in The West End. 

But bum-fun wasn’t something I’d wrapped my arse around.  

What is men’s obsession with bum-fun?  Do all men want it ?  Does this mean they hate our vaginas? 

Many women ask these questions.  This is my personal take on it.

When I spoke to my friend about the trials and tribulations of anal sex.  I’d only experienced it in 2 ways:  

  • I’d experienced it with an inexperienced boyfriend who thought he could just SHOVE it in.
  • I’d  experienced it during DP (which I enjoyed…because that is absolutely indescribable)

But all in all — I wasn’t a fan initially.  ( BUT that changed…..!)

Why do boyfriends want my arse when I have a luscious fit cunt? 

Apart from the fact that it’s taboo, forbidden and tight….

Men like to dominate us  (is this such a bad thing?  I quite like it!)  🙂

They want to charter our unchartered territory.

It’s a primal act.  It doesn’t lead to babies — so it’s purely sexual.  

(Just be thankful that we don’t have big ear-holes!)

I will leave you with a comment that I heard in a French doco a few months ago, on sbs.  

“A woman will forget the lovers who fucked her vaginally but she will remember the names and addresses of the men who fucked her anally. “

​Does a man conquer a woman when she submits to anal sex?