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The sex blogging industry has become woke

Image courtesy of innamykytas - Pixabay

August 28, 2023

The sex blogging industry has become woke and it’s getting worse. But what I find amusing is that ‘sex-positivity’ is supposed to be about inclusivity. But it isn’t. When they use the term ‘inclusivity’ they mean sex acts, sex perspectives and sex lives — that they APPROVE of.

For example:
Races, genders, sexual identity, consent, body-positivity, feminist porn (and I am on board for all of them).
BUT they’re a bunch of hypocrites because TRUE sexual equality has space for everything and everyone, ie:
  • Women who like hardcore porn (like myself)
  • Women who prefer porn made for the male gaze (like myself)
  • Women who do not agree with robbing biological females of the labels, mother and woman. (like myself)
It is just so hilarious to me that on the one hand, you’re telling women they can rule the world. Yet on the other, you’re saying they need their porn watered down. You’re shaming them for choosing to embrace their sexualities in any way they see fit.
I don’t tick enough WOKE boxes anymore as a sex columnist.
During the pandemic, I got a gig as a contributing sex columnist for a New Zealand franchise. I was so excited about writing columns for them!
Not only had I given them a plug in Maxim’s end-of-year issue. I had also dedicated a podcast episode to a wonderful brand that they sell.
Anyway, I LOST the gig  because I wrote a piece for The Spectator saying that women giving birth in hospitals have a right to be called Mums – not ‘birthing parents’.
For any SANE or rational-thinking person, my perspective about mothers is hardly controversial or THREATENING. But they need you to bow down to them.
A lot of sex bloggers will use images of women who are morbidly obese, with a lot of cellulite. That might be body positive but it’s not really going to drive the punters to your writing. I use beautiful women in my sex blogs because fantasy is often something we can never have.
When I shared this blog on Facebook.  A friend commented:
“It’s never really about inclusivity, equity, equality, diversity – it’s about power, and once you have power you use it to reward supporters and punish opponents, settle scores and achieve revenge, and maintain and increase your dominance.”
He’s dead right.
Sex positivity isn’t positive at all. It’s SELECTIVE.