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Victoriana Pleasure Garden Photoshoot for the National Trust

For Melbourne Spring Fashion week. 2014, I was cast as an archer in the Victoriana Pleasure Garden shoot for the National Trust Exhibition – photographed by Gerard O’Connor, and styled by Marc Wasiak.  

I was so excited to do the shoot and spent many hours in makeup and having my hair done.  

The dress was hot, there was a lot of standing around and I got blisters on my feet.  I thought it would be a wonderful photo for my portfolio.  And then, they needed two archers to turn their back for the photo.  None of us volunteered.  So I was picked randomly.  Needless to say, I am the archer on the left with my back turned.  It was a disappointing day.  It was also the day of the Sydney Lindt Seige.  So there was a weird vibe generally.  You win some.  You lose some – I guess. The shoot took place at Rippon Lea Estate.