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Excess – an art and poetry book by Jan van Rijn and Vanessa de Largie

I am thrilled to announce the release of a limited edition art and poetry book by Dutch-born artist Jan van Rijn and myself, titled EXCESS.  

Van Rijn is a sculptor, painter and illustrator.  His work includes paintings, drawings and graphics using various printing techniques including dry point etching, mezzotint and engraving to Xerox and digital prints.  

I have previously collaborated on two art/poetry books with van Rijn including In The Woods & on the Heath and A Few Miles Outside of Atlantis (based on the passages of surrealist poet — Joyce Mansour). 

I obviously have a large body of work as a writer and actress.  But if I was to choose one collaboration over the past two decades in writing or acting.  It would be working on Jan’s books along with other amazing humans like Jewish sexologist and feminist film maker — Annie Sprinkle. 

Excess will be available to purchase on my website and independent bookstores soon.  Stay tuned for more news as all that unfolds. xx