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Snow White and the intellectual dwarves

Vanessa de Largie | The Spectator | May 6, 2021

Snow White and her handsome prince are the most recent victims of the humourless woke scolds on the Left and cancel culture.  

A revamped Snow White ride at Disneyland is being criticised by a Californian media outlet the San Francisco Gate, for a non-consensual ‘true love’ kiss. 

Journalists Katie Dowd and Julie Tremaine say that Snow White is unable to consent to the prince’s life-giving kiss while she’s asleep and the scene should be changed to something more appropriate to pacify the woke folk. 

Dowd and Tremaine write:  

The new grand finale of Snow White’s Enchanted Wish is the moment when the Prince finds Snow White asleep under the Evil Queen’s spell and gives her “true love’s kiss” to release her from the enchantment. A kiss he gives to her without her consent, while she’s asleep, which cannot possibly be true love if only one person knows it’s happening. 

I’m sorry but the story of Snow White was written in 1812 by the Brothers Grimm and you don’t get to change the ending because of your woke sensitivities.  As it is, the story of Snow White has been recreated for the ride. 

But in the original story, after eating a poisonous apple and being in a sleeping death, I’m guessing Snow White was chuffed to be brought back to life. Would you want to lay comatose in a coffin indefinitely?  I most certainly wouldn’t.  And why wouldn’t Snow White want to be freed from her enchantment in this recreation? 

The Prince never kisses her in a sexual way.  He is sad that this beautiful young woman with ebony hair and alabaster skin has been killed.  So he kisses her in grief, which magically breaks the spell. 

If Dowd and Tremaine really want to break into a sweat they should read the erotic novel series The Sleeping Beauty Quartet, written in the 80s by Anne Rice of Interview With the Vampire fame under the pseudonym A. N. Roquelaure. In it, Sleeping Beauty is awoken from a 100-year sleep, not by the Prince’s kiss but by his large cock. 

It’s a Disneyland ride based on an innocent fairytale, for God’s sake. I mean what next?  These people are gunning for Snow White. The dwarves don’t stand a chance.