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That crackers consent ad? Blame the left for sanitising sex

Vanessa de Largie | The Spectator | April 22, 2021

Once upon a time, many moons ago, sex was sex and a milkshake was a milkshake. Now we’ve moved into this bizarre new world where we speak in metaphors.   

Unable to hold a candid conversation about sex with our youth, we confuse them with laughable consent campaigns that cost millions of dollars. 

The federal government’s “Respect Matters” educational videos about sexual consent were as confusing as they were bizarre — which is probably why they’ve now been removed. 

One of the videos starts with a male voiceover: “To cross into the action zone both people must agree”.  

The audience sees a teen girl asking a teen boy if he’d like to try her milkshake — and one would assume this is a euphemism for something erotic and X-rated. 

Next thing the teen girl is smearing  her milkshake all over his face yelling “drink it, drink it all” (another erotic euphemism, perhaps?) 

Mr Voiceover Man speaks again, while the audience sees a diagram on the screen. “This is what we call moving the line, When a person imposes their will on you, it’s as if they were moving the ‘yes line’ over the ‘maybe zone’ ignoring your rich inner world.” 

I didn’t think any consent campaign could be worse than the “Consent is like a cup of tea” one.  But here we are. It’s frightening! 

This is what happens when the Left wants to sanitise sex to the point of no return — where consent apps, written contracts and creepy dialogues hinder the beauty of what once was called sexual exploration. 

I recently watched a talk on YouTube between Jordan Peterson and former deputy prime minister, John Anderson where they discussed consent.

Peterson states: 

You have this strange thing, especially on the radical Left which is unbelievably paradoxical where absolutely every form of sexual expression imaginable is 100% permissable because sex is fine but it’s so dangerous that while you’re dancing at a Princeton mixer, you have to ask them two or three times if it’s okay for you to continue.  And if you have sex and regret it the next day, thats evidence that it’s not consensual. We want to be able to  do whatever we want with whoever we want whenever we want with no consequences AND we want there never to be any trouble with consent.

What confuses me the most (and I say this as a sexually liberated woman and sexual assault survivor).  What about the non-verbal cues we give during the lead-up to sex?  And how is it possible to monitor them without having CCTV installed? And seeing that consent is so blurry when we are inebriated, maybe we should ban drunk bonking altogether? 

Instead of focusing on sexual consent perhaps we should focus on our deep sexual repression and alcohol consumption.  That would be far more valuable for our kids.