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What you need to know about female chastity

Vanessa’s column for the April 2021 Maxim print issue

Vanessa de Largie | Maxim Magazine | April 4, 2021

International Male Chastity Day comes and goes every year with male chastity devices in popular demand.. But female chastity is rarely discussed, let alone given it’s own day.    

I guess many would wonder why any woman would choose chastity over mind-blowing orgasms.  And that’s a great question to ponder.  

When we think of female chastity, we often think of women being controlled by their husbands or fathers under lock and key. True chastity within the context of religion is sexual purity in mind and body. 

Christians take a vow of chastity which has three tiers — virginity, continence and matrimony. But the modern definition of chastity is sexual abstinence. So with all of this said, why are so many women choosing to be chaste in 2021? In this article, I explore what every man needs to know about the secrets of female chastity.

Chastity in BDSM

Chastity can often play a role in submissive/dominant relationships. This is usually  orchestrated via orgasm denial. The dominant will take control of the submissive’s orgasms, granting them or denying them — depending on their mood.  This kinky game-play strengthens the relationship dynamic while testing the obedience of the submissive.

Solo Female Chastity

Every woman knows what it feels like to crave sexual release — that’s why masturbation with fingers and vibrators is so vital for women when blokes aren’t around.  But why would any woman choose to deny herself an orgasm?  As tough as clitoral, vaginal and vulval chastity is. Practising orgasm denial for a set period of time creates insane sexual tension for women — when they do finally masturbate or allow themselves to be fucked, the sexual release is so intense that it makes the period of chastity well worthwhile.

Benefits of Female Chastity

Sex much like food, alcohol, drugs and social media can become addictive and destructive.  Just like a juice cleanse gives the digestive system some respite. Abstaining from sexual acts and orgasm can return women to themselves — mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Many women feel a renewal happen and experience a libido spike after a period of being chaste.  What’s not to love about that?

Chastity Toys for Her

If you’re reading this article, perhaps it’s a sign to add a splash of chastity to your sexual relationship with your lady.  You could give her an ‘orgasm denial kit’ or a ‘chastity belt’. Controlling another’s sexual pleasure with a key is a gift and a responsibility.  As the controller of her sexual pleasure, you have a duty of care — be respectful in your dominant role and keep the channels of communication open. 

Chastity prior to getting hitched

You may have noticed that it’s no longer the 1950s but with feminist puritans and political correctness on steroids, you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise.  Relationships have changed.  Most couples live together and f**k for years before getting hitched.  So how can couples of today spice up their wedding night and honeymoon?  Chastity of course.  Many couples make a vow not to masturbate or have sex in the months leading up to their wedding day.  This can also do wonders for a sex life, adding a spark that may have been missing for years.


If you’ve ever wondered about female chastity, I hope this column has helped you somewhat.  Sexual experimentation with various kinks is perfectly normal and a helluva lot of fun. 

Orgasm Denial most certainly heightens sexual arousal in women and when you finally grant her a sexual release — be sure to strap yourself in because it’s going to be a WILD and explosive ride.