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Get a real job!

If everyone in the world joined the entertainment industry tomorrow, they wouldn’t make it through one hour — let alone twenty-five years.

If you wanna learn how to fight, don’t join a boxing class — become an artist.  Everything is a fight as an artist.  


Whether you’re a writer, an actor, a poet, a singer, a musician, a filmmaker or a painter…

You must be prepared to FIGHT TO THE DEATH and then some.

And there are no assurances.  None.  

You may sacrifice — 

your savings, 

your relationships, 

your friendships, 

your health 

and your country.

You may lose —

your partner

your house

your car

your youth

and your mind.

But I’ll tell you what you’ll win:




Since I left school, I’ve had a ton of shit-kicker jobs, I’ve worked as:

a barmaid

a call centre operator

a dog-walker

a baby-sitter

a promo-girl

a market researcher

a childcare worker

an RSPCA doorknocker

a waitress

a doorbitch

a retail assistant

an erotic masseuse

(just to name a few)

In the entertainment industry, I’ve worked as a professional::




freelance journalist


content writer

photographic model

sex columnist


voiceover artist

primary carer of elderly parents



featured poet and spoken-word artist


We live in a world that doesn’t value art or artists.  

The entertainment industry is the only occupation where you’re expected to work for exposure instead of money.  

And then artists are expected to be GRATEFUL for the privilege.

Can you imagine asking a bus driver to do the local bus route for EXPOSURE?

How about an accountant or a surgeon or a cleaner?

If you asked ANY other profession to work for exposure instead of money, you’d be met with a loud FUCK OFF, followed promptly by a punch in the face.

Yet artists are met by this bullshit on a daily basis.

In Australia, welfare recipients are made to report to job network providers but these providers are unable to help artists in any way. 

Job network providers are only interested in dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s incase they’re audited.

Australian artists who are on welfare are dehumanised by having to participate in silly games,. They’re asked to answer questions like: WHAT IS YOUR DREAM JOB?

A respected Australian actor that I know, wrote down:  My dream job is getting a lead role in a major international feature film.

Hiis response was quickly shot down by the job network provider. Apparently his answer was not allowed because it was a ‘pipe dream’.

Every week for the past twenty years, some arsehole has told me to get a ‘real’ job and my response has always been, “I already have one’.

It is worth pointing out that most of the world’s population are not living the dreams they had as children.

But I am. I will never settle for less. 

I have my parents to thank for that.