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My Fairy Garden

Vanessa de Largie | Medium | Dec 21, 2020

I can’t remember when I first set eyes on a ‘fairy’ in a film or a book. I must have been very young.

But I do remember what I thought of them.

They were the most BEAUTIFUL creatures I had ever seen — they were like tiny humans with wings.

I would spend many hours in the front yard as a kid — building a house for them near the letterbox.

I would make beds for them out of leaves.

And chairs for them out of rocks.

I would sprinkle flower petals around their house, so they had something pretty to look at — when they rested at night.

I know exactly where I was, aged 4 — the day my Dad got diagnosed with cancer. He had sinus tumours and a 1 out of 3 chance of surviving.

It may be one of my first memories.

Dad never came home early from the finance company. He often worked late into the night and Mum and Dad would argue.

I know Dad took a lot of painkillers to deal with his bad headaches and would get frustrated with me easily.

I would get kicked out of the bed for kicking the blankets off and upsetting my Dad when he felt unwell.

On the night before Dad’s operation. Mum and I got to sleep in the big bed together without Dad whilst he was being prepped in the hospital.

Mum said I had to be strong girl for my Dad and we said a prayer to God before going to sleep.

God would give us a 19 year loan on Dad, taking me up to my 24th birthday.

My dad and the fairy garden will always be intertwined.

We all have invisible wings.