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Why ‘Nup To The Cup’ Is Bullshit

Is there anything more pathetic than the Nup To The Cup protesters?

I have no problem with people taking a stand against animal cruelty, I’m an animal lover myself.

But I have a huge problem with virtue-signalling do-gooders who sit around in their designer clothes (made in sweat-shops) tweeting from iPhones (which kill gorillas, not to mention the planet) about their anti horse racing stance. How very WOKE and self-indulgent?

Where have these Melbourne Cup protesters been for the 19,000 thoroughbred races that are held throughout the rest of the year in Australia? Have they been hiding under a rock?

It’s convenient that they crawl out of their holes annually in a bid to clock up social media likes and comments, isn’t it?

And don’t mention all the Australian celebrities and commentators who jump on the bandwagon with their botoxed faces. Botox-testing actually kills half a million animals per year. But hey, lets not let animal cruelty get in the way of narcissism and the beloved frozen forehead.

As the annual Melbourne Cup Parade made it’s way through the Melbourne CBD on Monday, hundreds of anti horse racing activists shouted token slogans such as: “Say Nup To The Cup” and “Animal Abusers, Total Losers”.

My questions to the protesters are:

Have you ever eaten meat? Or fish? Or eggs?

Have you ever had cow’s milk in your coffee?

Have you ever owned a leather or fur jacket?

Have you ever visited a zoo or an aquarium?

Have you ever watched a film or television series that featured animal actors?

Have you ever ridden a camel?

Purchased make-up?

Visited a pet-store?

Purchased a dog from breeders?

Gone horse riding?

Stepped on a snail on your morning jog?

Set a mousetrap?

Shot a rabbit?

Visited Sea-world on the Gold Coast?

Gone fishing?

Had breast implants?

Dumped rubbish?

Used medicines?

Drunk alcohol?

If you said yes to one or more of the above — then you have contributed to animal cruelty — just like me.

Will the ‘Nup To The Cup’ nutjobs be chanting outside the RSPCA on Wednesday in an uproar over the 250,000 healthy cats and dogs they kill in Australia each year?

Or will they be groggily pulling themselves out of bed and dragging themselves to work after a drunken public holiday — THAT THEY HAD RATHER NOT OF HAD???

If you’re seriously worried about the suffering that horse racing causes, then purchase a retired racehorse but don’t you DARE shame Aussie punters for having a cheeky bet!