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Milk Of The Poppy

every day
sucking another cock

line the men up
my door
and I’ll welcome
one by one

into my mouth
on to my tongue
up to my epiglottis

i will breathe in their cock
like i am breathing in life

they will submit
they will surrender
to the vacuum
that is my

i invite you dear bloke
to circle your knob around my lips
and fuck my face like
it’s the prettiest
you’ve ever fucked

pull out and blow
that’s right
– face paint

cover my nose, my eyelashes,
my cheeks
my chin
with your cum

now look at me
lying beneath you
my face drowning
in your spunk

you are deflated,
lifeless almost
and i am high 
– gifted

for once again
i have fed on
the milk of the poppy

This erotic poem was performed at The Good Bits literary event in 2015 alongside Joe Dolce, Alicia Sometimes and other featured artists.

The poem has been published in the Horror Sleaze Trash Zine and by Little Raven Publishing.

​copyright 2019 vanessa de largie