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L L BoJo

Vanessa de Largie | The Spectator | July 27, 2019

The fact that Boris Johnson is a seriously flawed scallywag is part of his charm. Like the rugged womanizers of yesteryear — people connect with Boris because he’s a hot mess of eccentricities and indiscretions. 

But what is it that makes Boris Johnson so alluring to women?  Could it be that women aren’t actually attracted to the watered down version of masculinity celebrated by feminists?  But rather the oversexed, cocksure and sexist cad they rail against? 

According to new studies, women (including feminists) are more attracted to benevolently sexist men and frequently reward chivalrous acts.  So perhaps BoJo is doing something right?  

Will Carrie Symonds (BoJo’s current squeeze and hopeful first lady) be able to keep BoJo’s fire stoked?  Johnson once remarked to his columnist-mistress Petronella Wyatt that it was unreasonable to expect a man to be faithful to one woman — so Symonds shouldn’t become too obsessed with planning the wedding.  

But I agree with Johnson regarding faithfulness.  Blokes don’t cheat because they don’t love their wives or girlfriends — they cheat because they desire to have sex with other women.

It’s refreshing to see conservatives procuring clout across the globe and flawed MP’s nabbing top jobs.  It reveals the masses don’t want a swarm of group-think political robots who spruik the narrative in which they’re programmed instead, the masses want candid and authentic leaders who shoot from the hip and don’t pander to PC sensitivities.

In his first day on the job, BoJo has appointed more chicks to his cabinet than any former British Prime Minister, this surely gives the whingy Marxist fembots less to bitch about doesn’t it? They’ll have to find a new angle for their outrage.

Boris Johnson will be moving himself into 10 Downing Street over the coming days.  Bring on the scandals and popcorn-worthy entertainment please!