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How I accidentally fell into adult copywriting

Vanessa de Largie | The Writers Weekly US | June 21, 2019

I never woke up one day and thought “Hey, I want to try my hand at adult-copywriting.”

It didn’t happen like that – – I actually fell into it accidentally.

Adult-copywriting is a “niche market’ that most writers are unaware of and many writers intentionally avoid like the plague.

Some writers make the false assumption that adult copywriting is somehow seedy or third-rate due to its connection to sex and sex-related products and industries. Yet the majority of adult-copywriting work is classy, fun, and lucrative.

I’ve had my adult-copywriting work published in major publications such as The Daily Telegraph and Maxim Magazine.

For The Daily Telegraph – – I wrote about women’s pleasure products entering a mainstream chain of Australian pharmacies.

For Maxim Magazine – – I wrote about an adult product for men, which gave them virility and warrior-level staying power (insert laughter here).

Adult copywriting is a great way to earn extra money in between my regular writing assignments. This can include: sex articles, sex blogs, adult advertising copy, adult product descriptions, adult ‘about’ pages, and adult reviews. The money that can be earned trough adult-copywriting varies on a grand scale. I have squeaked out lunch money and I have made hundreds of dollars on some pieces. And very occasionally (when the stars align), I pick up an adult-copywriting gig that pays thousands! They’re hard to land, but certainly not impossible!

So how did I ‘accidentally’ fall into this weird and wonderful niche market? I’m glad you asked!!

I was actually contacted via my sex blog by a very successful adult-product brand that asked if I would be interested in reviewing an adult product in exchange for a complimentary female product, and a token payment. At the time, I had little cash flow, and was unable to afford luxurious products for women. So, I jumped at the opportunity and it led to other opportunities in the adult-copywriting industry. I never looked back!

I would say adult-copywriting is a side-hustle that would perfectly suit a writer who has a keen interest in sexual equality and sexual health. I believe every human being is entitled to a healthy and joyful sex life, and adult-copywriting supports my values.

Why not give it a shot? I dare you!