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The Melbourne accused: tragic, but not the Australian everyman

Vanessa de Largie | The Spectator | May 29, 2019

The four men charged with the four alleged murders of women that have rocked Melbourne in recent months share some major similarities.

Two were homeless, while all four men reportedly suffer from mental health conditions and substance abuse issues.

Why then does the mainstream media in this country, as well as politicians and the police, portray these alleged killers as representative of the Australian everyman, in their sermonising on these sad deaths.

When did a homeless man become every Australian man?

When did a mentally ill man become every Australian man?

When did a drug addict become every Australian man?

Here are some facts:

The hashtag #notallmen has never been so apt, as these alleged murderers are a minute cross-section of the Australian population.

Yet the mainstream media, (The Age in particular, which has adopted a particularly sickening sensationalist faux-feminism in the reporting of the deaths) make out that every Aussie bloke is a possible rapist and killer lurking at the bus stop or under one’s bed — ready to terminate a woman’s life.

Talk about fear mongering.  The evil and sinister mythical Aussie male is becoming more famous than the bogeyman.  And let’s not forget why the mythical bogeyman was created. He has been used throughout the world for centuries as a fear tactic by adults to frighten children into submission and obedience.  Sound familiar?

Violence against women is no longer just a horrendous tragedy. It’s a business model — a lucrative one at that. When something is topical, it can be used to make cash, secure, grants and funding, catapult careers and so forth. What on earth would everybody talk about day in day out if evil Australian men stopped killing women?  The left-wing fembots would certainly be out of a job.  Snarlin’ Clementine would need to find other employment.  Perhaps she could start a cafe using her favourite key ingredient throughout the entire menu – male tears.

But in all seriousness, stop the lie.  None of these alleged murderers represents the Australian everyman.  And nothing you can fabricate within the bullshit media or exhibitionist feminist narrative can make it so.