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Let me feel your pain (so I can claim it as mine)

Vanessa de Largie | The Spectator | May 21, 2019

Since Scott Morrison’s election victory on Saturday night, TV personality Lisa Wilkinson, has penned a virtue-signalling column for 10Daily, titled A Letter To The New Prime Minister. In it, she discusses homelessness and poor people on the streets. Pretty rich (pun intended) coming from a millionaire, who demands $2.3 million, so punters can have the privilege of seeing her mug on TV every night. She also covers the gender pay-gap, climate change, depression and domestic violence in her condescending note.

Sadly, the majority of female commentators on the Left are privileged, wealthy chicks that are far removed from the topics they comment on. I often wonder if they authentically care about these issues. Or is it performance art from another blue-tick warrior?

These women have the audacity to whinge about cultural appropriation — yet they spend their lives appropriating the legitimate suffering of others in order to establish a personal victimhood narrative that garners attention.

Clementine Ford is a great example of this. She exploits the trauma of rape victims in exchange for likes, comments, book deals and fame. As a survivor of rape myself, I take great offense to her work.  I don’t need her talking for me, nor do other rape victims — much like a ‘person of colour’ doesn’t need a white person exploiting their lived experiences.  Same diff.

Then, on the other hand, you’re faced with figures like A.C. Griffiths in the Nine Entertainment chipwrappers and her all but apologia for voting Liberal. Victimhood of another kind.

But getting back to Lisa and her letter to ScoMo. Wilkinson’s struggle is real, no doubt about it. After all, life must be tough with an Audi Convertible, designer sunnies and a multi-million dollar paycheck.

Spare Lisa and her privileged life under the horrors of the Morrison regime a thought Australia!