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Virtual VS Real-Life

Maxim Magazine Print Column February Issue | by Maxim sex columnist – Vanessa de Largie

Vanessa de Largie | Maxim Magazine | February 2019

Can online sex be as hot as real-life sex? Of course it can. In some cases it can even be hotter…

The Internet has become such a playground for fantasy, role play and self-gratification that it’s often said to be largely about porn over anything else. Covenant Eyes, a software company that creates security software for parents to protect their children whilst surfing online, claims porn is inescapable. According to their report, there were more than two billion Internet searches for porn in 2015. They claim that 20 per cent of mobile-device searches are for porn alone and that 90 per cent of boys and 60 per cent of girls are exposed to Internet porn by age 18. The report goes on to say that 56 per cent of divorces involve one spouse having an obsessive interest in online porn. So, yes, there is porn online but no it’s not a simple case of good, bad or indifferent.

Using the Internet to aid sex in a positive and healthy way isn’t an easy affair. Sex is big business. Almost any niche, fantasy or scenario can be lived out, viewed, even participated in – online. Some of this is legal and consensual, healthy visual aids to be used when and wherever required both in and out of relationships. Some of it is not! There is a dark side to the Internet, as we all know – sites and businesses that operate outside of Google and on the Dark web which we won’t explore here. Instead what this column will focus on are areas that could spice up your sex life; something that will add to your life rather than take over it and something that will promote a healthy sense of self if used correctly.

Virtual Online Sex Games

The swift progression of new technologies is expected to catapult our sex lives to dizzying new heights. As our digital lives and personal lives become inextricably woven, the future of dating and sex will be changed indefinitely. Virtual sex games are on the rise throughout the world, with a multitudinous array of options to choose from – multi-player adult sex games are by far the most popular. Whether you’re looking to act out a taboo sexual act or have a racy sex-chat with a like-minded individual, the virtual sex game world has you covered.

The Red Light Center online sex game has the biggest virtual community, boasting ‘millions of adult players’ globally. Avatars can act out hot sexual acts such as BDSM, threesomes, erotic massage and masturbation, to name a few. A free membership allows you to explore the site but you have to become a paid member if you want to have some banging virtual sex. Other online sex games include Sociolotron, a game which clearly states in its disclaimer that it has ‘no rules’. This is a game that is designed for the politically incorrect among us and a safe space for those wanting to explore their ‘darker’ desires without judgment or censorship. Then there’s the absolutely mind-blowing (not to mention filthy)3DXChat. The avatars in 3DXChat are incredibly lifelike compared to other games and if you’re into ‘location sex’ there is a large menu of venues to choose from.

Virtual online sex games are definitely worth exploring. They’re our future but more than that, they feel strangely intimate and bizarrely similar to the real thing.

The Weird & The Wonderful

What is sex without it’s quirks? For those of you who are looking for a little ‘freak’ beneath those virtual online sheets, I have some suggestions. It’s immensely common – and completely normal – to crave sexual experiences both online (and off) that are outside the norm. Numerous studies, including a 2016 study published in The Journal of Sex Research reveals that sexual fetishism is actually not unusual. Objectification, hentai porn, being attracted to inanimate objects and teddy-bear fetishes are all coming to mind. But what weird and wonderful VR options are available?

● Are you a fan of the hardcore video game Grand Theft Auto? If so, you will absolutely LOVE the cartoon parody interactive sex game imaginitively titled Grand F–k Auto. A word of warning, it’s explicit and more hardcore than the videogame it’s based on. But so much fun!

● Teledildonicsis a popular buzz word in the sex-tech world, it’s the umbrella term for technology for distant sex. This group of sex toys and gadgets allow sexual partners to ‘feel’ one another via a data link. Kiroo, a sex technology company based in The Netherlands, have created an array of products for both men and women that can keep you sexually connected wherever you are. Some devices on their website can even be synchronised with adult sex videos.

Live Cams

The Live cam industry caters to every taste possible. There’s couples, teens, MILFs, costumed and kink. Many performers turn their live cam sex shows into an art form. Men and women choose to watch live cams instead of porn for a myriad of reasons. For many, live cams feel more real. The option of being able to interact with a performer tends to create a sense of intimacy and closeness. Viewers can also book private shows. They can become ‘a regular’
which builds feelings of camaraderie. The most reputable web cam site in the world is the Hungarian site Live Jasmin because of its high-quality tech and its abundance of performers and models online at any given time.

Porn In a Relationship

A recent study published in The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy reveals that partners who are honest with one another about their porn consumption have happier relationships. But pornography doesn’t have to be viewed alone. It can be incorporated as a positive addition to a healthy sex life. Watching porn with your partner can lead to explorative sex acts and inspire body positive attitudes.

Educational porn is also a great resource for those eager to learn new things about sex by reputable sexperts. Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross create an abundance of informative content about men’s sexual health and issues. There has never been so many online options to spice up your sex life and it can all be achieved in a secure digital environment.