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Baby, it’s woke outside

Vanessa de Largie |The Spectator | December 6, 2018

The world has lost it’s mind.  

Before I open my laptop and binge on a brekkie of rage and victimhood.

I skull 3 cups of coffee and have a masturbatory orgasm.  

After howling like a bitch. I open my portal to the ‘woke’ wide web.  

And in that moment — the world enters my pores and veins.  I’m confronted with:

  • Theybies.
  • A person that identifies as a dog.
  • A woman who claims that a ghost proposed to her.
  • A fembot who believes Rhett Butler is a rapist.  

The weirdness and outrage beats on and on.  

And on and on.

And before I know it, I’m immobolised in my chair.  Slumped in a semi-coma from astonishment. Unable to read one more ‘think piece’ — written by some “woke millennial.” 

If guns were legal in Oz, would I do a ‘Hunter Thompson’ to end the ‘think piece’ pain?  

I wonder and I wonder.

Yesterday, a US radio station banned the classic Christmas song:  Baby, It’s cold outside.  In an online statement, the presenter said:

The world we live in is sensitive and people get easily offended. #MeToo has finally given women the voice they deserve, the song has no place.” He wrote.

How ridiculous!  The song is about seduction, It’s a beautiful song, covered by many famous stars over the last seventy years.

Shit, how about rap lyrics?

Rock anthems?  

Pop songs?  

Perhaps we should ban music all together?  

I mean how far does one go?

I was born to old parents.  They died in my 20s. But the wonderful legacy they left me was an appreciation for old-school music.

No fembot, Leftie or millennial wowser is going to piss on that. Take it away Dean!