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To blow on whom I please…

Vanessa de Largie | The Spectator | November 23, 2018

If I was to enter a bloke’s room, take off my clothes, massage his genitals, place his cock in my mouth – then proceed to give him a blowjob – would you say I gave him non-verbal consent to receive fellatio?

I’d argue it was a clear sign.  A flashing sign that says: I would like to pay homage to your dick.

Yet according to “educational consultant”, Hanna Stotland — I wouldn’t have conveyed “verbal” consent.

It’s a bit hard to convey “verbal” consent when my mouth is full but I digress.

A female student made an accusation against a man after doing the above.  She went into his dorm, took off her clothes, gave him a blowie — then dobbed him in for sexual assault.

Hanna Stotland assists students who have been punished for sexual misconduct in the #MeToo era. She helps them attain a second-chance at a college education. Fortunately, there are still sane people in the world (like Stotland) who believe in nuance and fairness.

On October 19, Stotland was a guest on the podcast In The No  — which explores the subject of sexual consent.  She speaks to audio artist Kaitlin Prest.  

Prest tells Stotland that the person who feels violated should always be protected and it’s “safer” to assume that they are in the right.

Stotland fires back:  Safer for who?

Her fiery response to Prest sums up the idiocy of all of this.  Millennial feminists are happy to throw men in the grave for any grievance, personal regret or annoyance.  As long as they are able to identify as victims.

But that poor college student whose only crime was receiving a blowjob.  Don’t tell me he’s not a victim of crybaby millennial feminism.

Dear Ladies.  Take responsibility for your personal choices.

Dear Men: Be wary of any woman who wants to suckety-suck.

It could be a death-trap!