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Why I’ve paid for sex and why I definitely will again

In September 2018, it was revealed that Lily Allen had paid for sex.  My initial thought was: “why is this news?”  Heaps of people pay for sex.  Then it dawned upon me. Shaming Lily Allen made people feel better about their lives.

How dare a married woman (or single woman) exercise her right to pay for sex.  Because after all, whores are the medallions of men, aren’t they?

Allen says she slept with escorts because she was ‘looking for something’.  I know how she feels.  I’ve been looking for ‘something’ for twenty years.  Yet I’m unable to convey in words what that ‘something’ is.

The first time I paid for sex was after my mother died in my twenties.  It was a way to deal with my grief.  Different people cope in different ways.  I’ve always coped with trauma and tragedy via sexual pleasure.

The first time I ordered a male escort, I stayed in a motel room and bought new lingerie for the occasion.  I felt anxious while waiting but when he arrived — he put me at ease.

Male and female sexual partners have stopped pleasuring me prematurely and I haven’t been honest about my needs.  With the male escorts, I felt completely in my power to demand what I desired.

After I had cum, they would fuck off.  It was perfection. 

​When I’ve had sex with lovers, I’ve wanted them to fuck off but I have tolerated their presence out of politeness.

Clark Gable (who famously loved fucking whores) said he paid them to go away.  Mr Gable makes a lot of sense to me.  I pay them to go away too.  Far, far away!

More and more women are paying for sex.  Career women, time-poor women and women who want the sausage without the potatoes. 

I haven’t paid for sex in four years, (mainly due to my financial situation).  As soon as I get my finance sorted, I will definitely return to paying for sex again.

​Selfish sexual pleasure without the hassles?  Yes please.  What more could a woman ask for?