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Christianity & Shame

Artist: Jean Jacques Lequeue 1794

The shame that is projected on to me every single day by sexually repressed human beings is because of religion. The Christians believe Jesus was immaculately conceived. Gullible much?

Oral sex, anal sex, masturbation and anything mildly enjoyable was prohibited and punishable by the church.  Heterosexual sex was allowed within marriage for reproductive purposes only.  The bloke was allowed to feel pleasure during sexual intercourse.  But the chick was reduced to a mere receptacle for his cum.

But the church were fighting a losing battle.  The spread of syphilis throughout Europe in the 16th century, is proof of that.  The Church used the fatal STD to push their own agenda and sell their message.  They made the masses believe it was an STD sent from God, to eradicate sin.

And the Victorians were the filthiest of the lot.  They are a great example of where political correctness and sexual repression leads.  Underground sex dungeons, debauchery and BDSM were born.  BTW, have you read my sex blog on Figging ?

Two world wars.  And then the 60s sexual revolution.  Fast forward to 2018.  Millennials are apparently having less sex than their parents according to research and studies.  They cannot tolerate the exchange of ideas.  And they are outraged by everything.  Political correctness isn’t just rife in society, it’s entered the bedroom.

I’m a fiercely sexual woman living unashamedly..  But it comes at a price when you’re trying to push your career uphill in the mainstream.  It doesn’t matter that…

  • I’m educated
  • well-read
  • doing a post-grad
  • play musical instruments
  • artistic
  • creative with a MASSIVE body of work.

No, none of this matters.  

  • Because I get my titties out
  • Because I use pornographic images in my sex blogs
  • Because I write about ‘dirty’ things
  • Because I have photos taken shaving my cunt
  • ​Because I’m not ‘vanilla’ like 99% of people in the Australian media

These gatekeepers are so fucking sexually repressed, they don’t even realise their blunder.  

But I’ll win this battle.  I’ll win it for myself.   I’ll win it for my beloved late parents.  I will not be silenced or shut down by sexually repressed individuals.