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The price a journo pays for shunning the sisterhood

Vanessa de Largie | The Spectator | October 22, 2018

I read a great quote by Bono recently: “The less you know, the more you believe.”

I don’t think any quote sums up the relationship between the media and the masses better.

The average Joe consumes ‘media fodder’ like junk food. They don’t question it. They don’t analyse it. They just consume ‘the message’ and accept it as gospel.

When you earn a crust writing words, it’s easy to believe that you’re no longer accountable.

Like a pebble thrown into a pond, words cause ripples. For every action, there is a consequence. No one learnt this lesson harder than me.

In 2016, I wrote a horrific column and found myself splashed across the entertainment section of The Washington Times.

I ended up in Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Guardian, Mashable and The Bolt Report ( It’s okay, I’m admittedly a fangirl of Bolt. I took his takedown of me on Sky as a compliment).

I was trolled and bullied for three months by left-wing journalists, editors and their minions

But I learnt an incredibly valuable lesson. I learnt that words are powerful and that anything I write I will be held accountable for. I’m actually grateful for the experience because it changed my path and was a massive turning point.

I wouldn’t have believed feminists could turn against one of their own. But they did — with the type of abuse, you couldn’t believe.

Some of the Aussie journos and social commentators who bullied and trolled me relentlessly — are fierce left-wing advocates to STOP bullying. Go figure!

My point is. The experience coupled with my disappointment in the Labor party, (a party I had voted for since I was 18) — is what drove me to the right side of politics. It’s what forced me to rewrite my narrative.

I detest political correctness.

I detest any person or group who tries to suppress democracy.

I detest the emasculation and degradation of men.

I detest those who attempt to police the exchange of ideas.

I believe in trial by the justice system NOT trial by social media.

The truth is, I could no longer spruik the Left’s ‘approved’ message’ because I no longer believed it.

The narrative in my columns changed overnight. The smokescreen had smashed.

What I didn’t realise is left-wing feminist editors don’t like their freelancers to veer off path. You either sell the ‘approved message’ or you’ll be silenced.

Unable to sell the approved message I was blacklisted and my ability to earn a crust decreased by half.

Feminist propaganda would have you believe their aim is to give a voice to the marginalised and diverse. Which is a crock of bull!

Feminist newspaper editors will give the coloured, disabled and diverse a voice but you still have to sell the approved message. Otherwise, you’re a goner. They’re tyrants.

Editors can lift you towards the stars or squash you like an ant. I have no doubt, some of them pull their puds over the power-trip. But who can blame them? If I was an editor of a fancy newspaper and I had a pud — I’d pull it too.

Being a non-feminist journalist in today’s climate is akin to being an outlier. It’s like swimming against a collective tidal wave.

I wake up every day knowing that it could be the last day I sell a column before I’m scalped and thrown into the abyss.

But if it all ends tomorrow, I’ll just return to my former profession — professional acting.

Another shit fight!