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Period Sex

In over 20 years of having sex, I’ve never met a man who has been squeamish about fucking me when I’ve been on my rags. But it seems I’m one of the lucky ones. My girlfriends have told me some horror stories about guys totally freaking out on them.

Period sex isn’t something I’ve ever gone out of my way to have.  It usually happens because Mr.Wolf and I are both fucking horny…and who really cares about a bit of blood?  If I know anything about lust and passion — neither adhere to rules.

My horniest time of the month is the 48 hours before I bleed. Not only am I a cranky premenstrual bitch — I’m also a dick-starved slut. ​My pain threshold seems to be higher too. I find I can orgasm just by being spanked.  ​And I find I want to be pounded harder than usual. 

Something I learnt a few years ago — which I wasn’t aware of.  There are men whose fetish is fucking women on their periods… They’re called BLOODHOUNDS.

From my research on the internet — blokes dig a murder scene in the bedroom for a bunch of reasons.

  • Some men like to fuck a woman at her most ‘intimate’ and ‘natural’ time
  • Some men believe that’s when a woman is at her horniest
  • Some guys like to see blood dripping off their dicks as they pull out of a pussy

This is why I LOVE being a sex-writer.  I love learning about people’s base desires and what drives them.

I’ve been out with guys who are so awkward in real life and then you get your mouth around their cock and their mask comes off.  And that is my goal in life – to see people without their masks.

​On that note — here’s to period sex!