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The reason Julie Bishop isn’t PM

Vanessa de Largie | Perth Now | September 1, 2018

JULIE Bishop refuses to play the gender card and the shrieking Aussie fembots are not happy.

They are arguing that if she didn’t have a vagina, she’d be Australia’s Prime Minister.

After her failed bid to become our nation’s leader during last month’s bloodletting in Canberra, some were quick to blame her gender for her not ascending to Australia’s top job.

They included Fairfax columnist Kasey Edwards, who took aim at Ms Bishop with both barrels and dredged up a speech she gave at the National Press Club four years ago when she took a stand against prevailing thoughts on feminism.

“Feminist [is] not a term that I find particularly useful these days,” Bishop boldly declared back in 2014 when launching a ‘women in media’ group.

Edwards continued to castigate Ms Bishop for declining to accept the existence of a glass ceiling and refusing to blame ‘her womanhood’ for any career limitations.

“Bishop might now have a little more clarity on the relevance and use of feminism these days because, let’s face it: if there was no glass ceiling to limit women in parliament, if women really do have equal access to power and opportunity, Julie Bishop would have spent the weekend moving into The Lodge rather than announcing her resignation from Cabinet,” Edwards wrote.

Wait a sec. Let’s put her achievements in perspective.

Edwards’ big takedown was to berate an elegant, educated, ex-lawyer whose CV Includes:

  • Former Minster For Foreign Affairs
  • Former Deputy Leader Of The Liberal Party
  • Former Deputy Leader Of The Opposition
  • Minister For Education & Science
  • Minister For Ageing
  • Minister For Women

Is Edwards seriously whinging because this conservative female super-hero doesn’t believe in glass ceilings? And that she’s not selling the ‘feminist approved’ message?

Shame on you Kasey!

Jump on a plane and visit the city of Haiphong in Vietnam, like I did recently. You might get some perspective.

You’ll witness women cooking, working and feeding infants next to massive piles of s..t. Perhaps this experience will awaken you from your blonde, white privilege. That’s what your column stinks of!

It’s time to stand back and listen to yourself. And this is what you’ll hear.

The radical femmes continually seek to educate we lesser beings. They tell us that feminism is about supporting other females in their personal choices. That’s choices about motherhood, or sex work, or our politics or the simple but loaded act of making the hubby a sanga.

Yet this compassionate, demure and level-headed army of F-girls can wilfully unite in a pink cloud of outrage, at a moments notice. ‘MAN’ is the word!’

Having a vagina isn’t the reason Bishop was eliminated. She was eliminated because she was a pawn in a dog-eat-dog political game.

Bishop may have returned to the back bench for a birds eye view of the idiocracy. But I’ve heard the back bench includes 3D glasses and caramel-flavoured popcorn.

Creature comforts for a future Queen carefully plotting her rise to the top.