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Gatecrashing the funeral for selfies

Vanessa de Largie | The Spectator | July 9, 2018

On June 18, Clementine Ford drip-fed some more man-hating nonsense to her brainwashed minions in an article for Fairfax Media.

Done and dusted with the mass shooting in Margaret River and the beating down of bereaved father and husband, Aaron Cockman, Ford has now moved on to greener pastures — this time around, the rape and murder of Melbourne comedian, Eurydice Dixon.

In Ford’s reaction to the vandalisation of Dixon’s memorial site, she stated:

It’s difficult to imagine why someone would desecrate such a memorial site, but less tricky to see how living in a culture that embraces casual sexism while ridiculing feminist objectives and dismissing men’s violence might provide them with some level of justification.

Blah. Blah. Blah. What?

Memorial sites, shrines, mosques, graves, churches and basically anything considered sacred has been vandalised by dickwads since time begun. As heartbreaking as this is, this is not a new phenomenon. It’s called destruction.

Last it was revealed, that the man charged with the alleged act did it because he was enraged by his belief vaccines had been responsible for Dixon’s alleged killer’s autism. I’m obviously restrained by legalities here, but I’d say the guy is not exactly emblematic of male hate, which the feminists want him to be, but instead has other battles. More, his alleged crime was against the deceased and her grieving family – not feminism.

Rapes and murders of women and men are also not a new phenomenon. Yet the media makes out as if these acts are some type of new occurrence.

Anyway, who elected you to speak on behalf of raped and murdered women Ms Ford? You apologise to minority groups on your Facebook page for speaking on their behalf. Yet you have failed to apologise to all the raped, abused and murdered women whose pain, it could be claimed, you have laid claim for.

You do not speak for me or my sexual assault, Ms Ford, okay?

I wrote to you once. It was after my book was published about my journey through domestic violence and sexual assault. Readings bookstore suggested I contact you. But you didn’t bother to respond.

I mean why would you? I wasn’t insulting you or abusing you. You couldn’t take a screenshot of my ‘non-abusive’ email and use it to push your own victimhood/fame.

But I’m guessing if I’d written to you abusively, as many wrongly do, every day, I would have received a response and a screenshot on your Facebook page. Because it could be concluded: that’s the way you operate.

Strip back all the layers of performer’s greasepaint built up over the years on your stage. Abandon rabble-rousing rhetoric for cold, clinical facts; tantrums with truth.

You’ve made an act of baring your breasts. Now bare your soul. Look into that deeply. Very deeply indeed. Look at all you do. Ask yourself: have I been guilty of co-opting others trauma and tragedy and exploiting it to make a career?

And in this similar spirit of honesty ask yourself where are all the memorials, marches and one-gender panels for all the blokes who have been raped, murdered and abused by women in the last century? Whether it’s ‘one bloke’ or millions. Where’s their recognition? Does their appendage or ‘dick energy’ make them unworthy?

The left frequently reminds us of the dangers in tarring specific groups with the same brush. If you’re a woman or part of a minority group, the left have you covered. But if you’re a bloke, it’s open slather.

The unconscionable hatred of men within society is connected to entrenched misandry, which fails to distinguish men as individuals.

Saying that ‘violence against women’ is every man’s problem to solve is as ludicrous as throwing up one’s arms and suggesting ‘moderate Muslims’ solve international terrorism.

I’m not going to wade through gratuitous gore – you, Ms Ford, can overegg your half-baked work – but it doesn’t take too much effort to recall ghastly murder cases in the not too distant past where women were found guilty of everything ranging from mass infanticide to killing with cannibalism on the side.

Not all women were responsible for their actions. If you like, #NotAllWomen.

I do not expect any woman, anywhere to feel responsible for another female’s actions. Whether it’s cheating, lying, murder, sexual abuse or slander. People have their own shit to deal with and their own lives to live. Why should anyone have to worry themselves with some nutter in the next suburb? That is absurd!

And the same goes for men. Good blokes are not responsible for misogynistic, sexually abusive and murderous men. It has nothing to do with them. It is not their problem to fix. Nor is it yours.

#NotAllMen are responsible for the violence and misery that exists within society.

#NotAllMen are responsible for my rape. The perpetrator is the only male responsible. Why would I blame some innocent bloke who has absolutely nothing to do with the incident? Why would I hate #AllMen for the actions of one?

In fact, I’m happy to know that good, decent, loving, sexy, caring and considerate men surround me. And whenever I’m in the shit, it’s the men who jump to help me, (never the women).

The hashtag #NotAllMen is as legitimate as the #MeToo hashtag.