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The Art of Road Head

Road Head makes my slit wet. 

​Forget picturesque scenery and melodic tunes.  I go on cuntry drives because I LOVE to chug on men’s cocks whilst they drive moving vehicles.  

As my head bobs up and down like a meerkat. My pussy moistens in approval. It’s a lethal combination of being caught, being watched or being killed.

What a trifecta!

Over the years, I’ve clocked up mileage and learnt a great deal about ‘giving head’ in a speeding car.

​Today, I’m sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned.


I have very long hair that is nearing my waistline.  

​If you have long hair as well — put your hair in a ponytail or bun before participating in road head.  

​There’s nothing worse than being a ‘Cousin Itt’ whilst hoovering a cock.

Your hair shouldn’t be a concern. Clear your work space immediately.


His dick should be unzipped and hard before you begin.

I usually give guys a handjob whilst fingering myself with my feet on the dashboard. It’s always been a sure bet in producing an erection!

You don’t wanna spend your time fussing with a zip or a slack cock when in a moving car. That’s moronic.

Being unprepared isn’t ‘road head’, it’s ‘road kill!


Road Head extraordinaires know what I’m on about!  

I’ve experienced really bad bruising over the years through attending to men’s erections in CARS. 

On my tummy, on my pelvis and on my ribs — ouchies!!! 

​Take your clothes off and cushion the driving console with layers, it will soften the blow, (pardon the pun).

You can thank me later!


Speed humps are problematic to the ‘road head’ enthusiast. I always ask the guy for the graciousness of a pre-warning. It’s the very least he can do.


I’m a swallower — I never spit. So wipe-up isn’t a problem for me.

But if you’re NOT a swallower — be sure to keep some tissues in the glovebox when going on ‘road head’ adventures otherwise things can get messy.

Road head, much like erotic choking is dangerous and can be fatal — that’s why it’s so erotic. You’re going to die eventually — it’s not a bad way to go!