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The Queen Bee Review By Maxim Sex Columnist – Vanessa de Largie


​The Queen Bee is a clitoral vibrator by Hot Octopuss.  It boasts patented PulsePlate technology founded on medical science.  The rechargeable wand uses a piston-type mechanism which is advertised to generate ‘rumbly sensations’ which lead to a ‘very powerful orgasm’.

What I do admire greatly about Hot Octopuss is their inclusivity when it comes to sex toys.  They cater for men with erectile dysfunction.  They cater for individuals with disabilities and health conditions.  They cater for the more mature. 

I am a great believer that every human being is entitled to a happy and orgasmic sex life — so the Hot Octopuss mission — resonates with me.

The Queen Bee vibrator looks like a hairbush and is a ‘drab grey’ in colour. It has two sides. 

  • Side A has a  powerful pulse-plate designed to deliver mindblowing orgasms.
  • Side B has a ribbed massage surface for gentler sensations.

I’m a big fan of sex toys that can be used in the bath and the Queen Bee certainly ticks that box.  It’s 100% waterproof and can be fully submerged. It offers an array of vibrating patterns that will work deep into your tissues and is USB rechargeable.

The Queen Bee is made of TPE which seems to hold on to odours.  I would prefer if it was made out of body-safe silicone.


I give the Queen Been 4 out of 5 stars!

Admittedly it wasn’t love at first site.  I don’t like the colour and I’m not particularly fond of the clunky hairbrush design.  But as the old saying goes:  Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

The sensations the Queen Bee delivers are indescribable.  One can’t compare them to any other sex toy.  They are indirect vibrations, which probably suit non-power queens like myself better.  

I like my clitoris to be seduced and the Queen Bee certainly does that.

I am compensated for ALL product reviews but it does not sway my opinion in any way, shape or form.