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My Sex Bucket List

By most people’s standards.  My sex life thus far would be considered pretty epic. I’ve never let societal norms, morals or PC rigidity hold me back.  But there’s always new things to experience and learn.  That’s what I love about sex — the vast scope.  Below is my sex bucket list which I hope to work my way through over the next 5 or 6 years.

A Berlin Sex Club

I have wanted to go to a Berlin sex club for a decade.  The wild stories I’ve heard from friends — I know I would LOVE it.  It’s my top priority.

Skirt Club UK

I’m so grateful that Skirt Club exists.  A safe place for women to explore their sexuality with one another — WITHOUT MEN. ​

Les Chandelles Paris

I was invited to go to Les Chandelles with a British gentleman in 2017 when I was living in London. But I was so stressed about visas, finance, immigration and having to return to Australia.  I wouldn’t have enjoyed it.  But the right circumstance will eventually present itself.  


A Pleasure Hotel in Japan

I went to Japan a decade ago and I LOVED it.  So weird and quirky.  I REALLY want to stay in a pleasure hotel.  

Everyone knows I love my décor gaudy.  I like colours and patterns. Hot pinks. Leopard prints.  Polka dots.  Confronting erotic art. To me GAUDY spells — LIFE.

Forget the sex and pleasure.   I think I will just sit on the bed and admire the quirky decor.


Body Sushi

I am a BIG fan of objectification in all it’s many forms — self-objectification particularly.

Body Sushi, also known as Nyotaimori is a tradition that comes from Tokyo, Japan.  Where, customers eat sushi off the naked bodies of women.

I think this would be AMAZING.  The stillness and Zen one would have to find within themselves whilst they dined.  It would require incredible mindfulness.

​So unbelievably erotic! I can’t wait to be the plate people eat off.


Sex with a sport’s team

The most fascinating thing about group sex as a woman is you actually crave more dick at the end of the onslaught.  I become ravenous.  It’s bizarre.  

The whore that lives inside of me.  She’s so fierce — that sometimes she scares the absolute crap out of me.  It’s like sharing a body with a possessed sex-monster.

She’s always just simmering under the surface.  I’ve spent most of my life trying to keep her contained.  Now she has an outlet through my writing — thank god!

I’ve participated in numerous gangbangs.  But I’d like to up the anti.  I don’t know if I have the skills to get to Goddess status like the extraordinary Annabel Chong though.  ​251 dicks in under 10 hours? Only in my dreams.  Chong blows my mind!


Fellatio Photoshoot

Yes, yes, yes!

Fellatio photography is a thing.  And a lot of work being created by photographers and models around the world — is stunning.  I can’t wait to do a fellatio photoshoot.  Hopefully in Europe in 2020. Perhaps I’ll make a short film on fellatio too, we shall see…!

Anyway, enough about me.  What’s on your sex bucket list?