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Craving His Cum

I crave semen.  This is not a new phenomenon.  I’ve always craved semen. But over the last 12 months I’ve begun to crave it more than usual.  Like one craves food when they are hungry.

I crave having semen inside of me.  Primarily in my mouth and pussy.  I’ve wondered if it’s my body’s way of screaming for seed to conceive. 

I’ve been researching (as you do)….to find out what the fuck is going on with my body at the moment.  And I found a bunch of interesting articles, see below:

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I’m addicted To Swallowing My Boyfriends Sperm  (I know how she feels….been there!)

Tracy Kiss drinks Sperm Smoothies
Then I got on to these mother forums.  (I read a lot — about everything!)  And there’s all these pregnant women out there craving cum, like hardcore… three or four mouthfuls a day.  Totally fucking FASCINATING!!!

Writing my column The Health Benefits Of Swallowing for Penthouse Magazine in 2016 taught me that men are basically walking super-foods. But I really just want to find out why I have this massive craving for semen all the fucking time.  Is it my hypersexuality?  
Is it my body saying:

‘hey bitch, when are you going to procreate?’

My sexuality is a beast that has taken over my body and mind.  I’m also battling a porn addiction, (plus trauma issues in relation to my past)

If I could just have a rest from my sexuality for a day.  That would be lovely. But it jumps into action as soon as I wake up. There is no rest for me.

​It’s probably just as well I don’t have a boyfriend or hubby.  

I’d break his dick.