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My girlfriends jokingly label me a cockologist.  On that note, time for a bit of role-play.

Receiving my Masters Degree in Cockology was one of the proudest moments of my life.  My studies have given me a greater understanding of cock.  Below are my random findings.

Men that drink lots of pineapple juice and apple juice have sweeter tasting cum.

A cock that’s perfect to suck doesn’t necessarily translate to a cock that’s perfect to fuck.

Often cocks that are massive slack don’t increase in size with an erection.

Those few seconds before a man blows his load is the sexiest.  That pinnacle of hardness.  Meow.

Men ALWAYS ask me.  What is your preference, cut or uncut?  I refuse to answer.  I’ll take my preference to my grave.  All cocks are beautiful.

Men’s self-esteem is attached to their cock, (even though many will dispute this). The most EGOIC male in the world — needs validation from women about his appendage.  A good point for women to remember when dealing with arseholes!

I am obsessed with the bead of pre-cum.  Not only do I find it highly erotic.  I like the taste of it.  The look of it.  The existence of it.

Many women assume when a man ejaculates, he orgasms.  I’ve learnt that men can ejaculate without orgasming and orgasm without ejaculating.  It’s totally fascinating!

A cock at the entrance of my mouth excites me more than a cock at the entrance of my arse or pussy.

Thin condoms feel the most enjoyable for MOST women.  It’s the closest to bareback a woman  is going to get.