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I like an abundance of cum being dumped inside of me.  I like to feel it dripping out of everywhere.  And for the next couple of days I’m blemished with his scent and territorial stamp.

Often after a good fucking, I’ve returned home and used the semen seeping out of my pussy as lubricant for clitoral masturbation — it works really well.

Sex doesn’t end for me when the fucking ends.  Sex never ends for me…

Interestingly enough, a woman attracts more men just after she’s been fucked.  I can only speak from my own experience yet feel this is an accurate statement.

It may not be on a conscious level but subconsciously men know when other men have pissed on their tree, (sorry to compare females to trees – bad analogy).

If you want your boyfriend or hubby to fuck you more.  Go out and fuck another man, then return home to him.

Your ‘other half’ will have his cock inside of you — as fast as a rat up a drainpipe.