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Summer Lovin’

Column for print issue of Maxim Magazine, December 2017

Summer is about to hit Down Under.

And with it comes the SIZZLING hot sex.  

The sun, the sand and the sea has us all feeling more amorous and in the mood for lust.

But as the temperature rises…

How does one keep the sex HOT but the body COOL?

Here are some suggestions that will help you to achieve both.


Ice cubes remain the underrated sexual companion for couples.  Yet they’re highly erotic and a perfect accompaniment to summertime sex.  

They can be used during fellatio, cunnilingus, massage and kissing.  They can be melted in the mouth then inserted vaginally before fucking.  

Ice cubes are the #1 go-to for ‘cooling’ your raunchy romps.  They are the epitome of sexy.


The beach is a no-brainer really!  

What could possibly beat daytime sex in the ocean whilst onlookers tan on the shore?

Bathing suits allow penetrable access.  And when a wave comes it’s time to ‘stroke’.


I do realise Hollywood has done the ‘swimming-pool-sex-scene’ to death.  But there’s a reason for that right?  Damn straight there is — it’s hot!

If you don’t have your own swimming pool, why not be adventurous and sneak into your local public swimming pool at night?  All the risks associated only increase the excitement, I reckon.


For those of you who work in restaurants, bottle-shops, morgues (just kidding) and the like….this one’s for YOU!

Go and grab a customer or work colleague and head to the freezer for a quickie.  It will cool you down but steam you up.  Not that I would know anything about having sex in a work freezer. Ahem.


Never underestimate the eroticness of a backyard garden hose.

Oh no!  You dirty-minded creatures!  I didn’t mean that.  Or maybe I did?  No, I didn’t. Promise!

If you’re sun tanning in the backyard this summer with your lover.  Why not turn on the garden hose and use it as a tool to arouse.  One can play with different water pressures on different body parts to tease and massage.  One can use the pressure on the genitals.

If all that becomes too much work.  Attach the hose to a sprinkler and fuck!  


I honestly have no idea why people bother wearing underwear.  So much restriction!  I haven’t worn underwear for years.  So going commando isn’t a novelty for me — it’s life.  

The opposite sex can find it a real turn on when we spontaneously go commando.  Not only is it a cooler clothing choice during the summer months, it might just give your sex-life the extra kick it needs.


It’s time to ditch the daggy pjs and t shirts and go au-natural. There’s nothing sexier than waking up next to a horny, naked body in the middle of a hot night.  It’s time to open the bedroom windows and get to work.


All of this talk about summer fucking is making me moist.  I’m off to grab some ice cubes!