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Why I Love Sex Facials

When I first discovered sex facials through porn, I was eager to experience one firsthand.

I’ve always loved semen — the taste, the texture and the vague scent. I love it being sprayed over my breasts and belly button. I like to feel it drizzling down my inner thighs. The thought of ‘copping a load’ over my beautifully made-up face — has always done something for me.  It makes me soaking wet. 

Many people believe sex facials are degrading to women. But If a sex act is consensual and between two adults — how can it be degrading?

Recently a writer suggested facials in her sex-advice column and her article was met with much opposition. One reader commented:

“Ejaculating on a person’s face is an act of dominance and a way of lessening that person’s worth. It’s saying (to me) that I am inferior and worthless. I am not some object to which you can spray in the face like you’re marking territory.”

I vehemently disagree with this reader’s comment.  Degradation much like objectification is a matter of perspective. I’ve never felt degraded when a man ejaculated on my face. To the contrary — I’ve always felt like it’s a celebratory act.

It’s important to state I do not believe that ‘political correctness’ has any place in sex. I will not be dictated to by feminism or the patriarchy on what I can and cannot enjoy sexually.  Below is a list I’ve collated on why I LOVE sex facials.

There is nothing more erotic than waiting to receive a cumshot over my face. Those few moments waiting for the spray of ejaculate are priceless.  I get so sexually excited that often I’ll have an orgasm before he even blows.

Every woman who has ever had her face cum on, will tell you how warm it is.  It’s as if it’s coming from deep within the male core.  Or as a Reddit user so elegantly put it:

“It feels like someone warmed up a bottle of Elmer’s glue and then poured it onto my face.

In my day-to-day life, I’m incredibly assertive. I have no qualms in telling a male or female to ‘go and fuck themselves’, if they do me wrong.  But in the bedroom my femininity craves masculinity. I like to feel owned and as if I’m an object for his sexual pleasure. 

When a man cums on my face, it says to me:

“I’m marking my territory” or “She’s mine!”

This drives the feminine in me crazy. I finally feel safe.

During my time being ‘a canvas for face-painting’ — I’ve never come across a guy who didn’t love it.
I’ve run into guys who felt uncomfortable with doing it or couldn’t proceed due to performance anxiety.  But overall the response has been positive.

Often when I’m in the tail end of a blowjob I’ll say:

“Can you cum on my face?”

The reaction you get from guys is similar to a kid’s reaction to Christmas. THEY’RE STOKED. I like making my partners happy, (male or female). Sex facials, on a whole tend to make my sexual partners very very happy. What man wouldn’t want to see his spunk all over the pretty face of the woman he fucks?  Men have a real pride about them after they’ve blown on your face, I find it enchanting.

As I wrote in the The Huff Post last year, I am the ‘whore archetype’.  It’s my natural state of being and I’m very proud of the fact.  I can’t do vanilla sex. If it’s not kinky, filthy or freaky — I’m bored!  Sex facials make me feel dirty and feeling dirty is what gets me horny and equates to an abundance of orgasms.  God bless the whore!


If you’re yet to participate in a sex facial, give it a shot! (pardon the pun).

​Just don’t get a blob in your eye, that shit burns like a motherfucker.