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Why you really love strippers

Maxim Magazine – September 2019 issue – Print column by Maxim sex columnist – Vanessa de Largie

Vanessa de Largie | Maxim Magazine | Oct 13, 2017

MAXIM sex columnist Vanessa de Largie does some research into why men adore the naked female form and the clubs they dance at. The results will surprise you…

A recent study published by the British Journal of Sociology revealed that one out of three women who work as strippers are full-time students who use the cash to support themselves. The same study also revealed that women who strip are most likely to come from middleclass families – certainly not the ‘stereotypcial stripper’ that the media likes to portray in news narratives. But what is it about men and strippers? Why do guys love visiting strip clubs so much? Are they just a bunch of sleazebags and misogynist arseholes or is it something more primal?


The world has become politically correct and men seem to cop the brunt of it. Civil society requires men to behave in a dignified manner. A strip club allows men a safe place to ogle women’s bodies and compliment them on their beauty without being considered creepy.


Men are visual creatures. Their predominant perceptual sense is vision – it’s how they experience the world. So strip clubs are a sensory overload for them. Men are allowed to enjoy the visual stimulation of breasts and buttocks without harsh societal judgment. What could be more desirable to a man than a banquet of naked flesh?

Strippers give men a superficial but immediate emotional response – there’s no subtlety about it. That’s why men like action movies, sports and gaming – it gives them an intense and instantaneous thrill. The buzzword is Dopamine.


For men, the grass is always greener. A bloke can have the most beautiful wife in the world but there will always be another vagina he hasn’t sampled. Strip clubs, much like online porn, feed men the visual variety they crave. It’s a place where men can go to derive sexual pleasure without jeopardising their relationships.


Men crave attention, affection and validation. Even if that attention, affection and validation isn’t REAL. Women only have to walk out their front door to receive male attention and sexual offers. This is not the case for most men. Strippers sell a fantasy. As soon as a man walks into a strip club, lingerie-laden women start hurling themselves at him, making him feel manly, attractive and powerful.

Men know that these ladies aren’t dripping wet to have sex with them. They also know that strippers aren’t authentically attracted to them – but it doesn’t matter. As far as men are concerned, strippers aren’t the real deal, they’re a fantasy. It’s a healthy and dirty thrill – a place where men can superficially feel desired by beautiful women with banging bodies.


Some guys are single, some are married, some get plenty of sex – many men get none. The point is, stripers allow men to fulfill their unmet needs. In a strip club or at a mate’s buck’s party, men can talk about sex with strippers. They can ask questions about female sexuality that they may not feel comfortable discussing with their wife or girlfriend. Strippers laugh at their jokes, listen to their problems and call them handsome. More importantly, they can give men a huge confidence boost they wouldn’t necessarily get anywhere else. And a strip club is a place where they can feel like a king amongst goddesses. Enough said.