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5 best places to have sex while keeping warm this winter

This column appeared in the July 2017 print issue of Maxim Magazine


Science tells us that men are more amorous throughout the winter months.  

According to researchers, men’s hormone-levels fluctuate seasonally causing them to crave more crumpet when the temperature is cold.

More kiddies are conceived in the colder months too with scientists claiming that crisp air improves the quality of sperm, which explains the higher birth rates.

So with all that said and done, if you’re looking to keep your sex-life steamy throughout this Aussie winter — then read on and get yourself climatized.

The Sauna

There’s nothing quite like being banged in a sauna — whether you’re the banger or the bangee.  Dry-sauna-sex really turns up the heat of passion and gets the juices flowing — not to mention the pheromones that are released during sweaty and spicy sex.  Doggy, missionary or cowgirl are all possible positions in the dry-sauna.  You may enter the sauna with the intention of melting away the winter-chill but you should only exit the sauna,  post-orgasm.

The Hot Tub

Is there anything sexier than chilling out in a hot tub with a glass of champagne and a hot naked babe beside you?  I should think not!  Hot tubs placate the muscles and the mind whilst keeping the body warm on those nippy winter evenings.

Shagging in water is a different sensation compared to shagging dry. But it can be electric once you relax into it.  

A nice entree to hot-tub-banging is to start with oral sex where one partner remains inside the tub and the other perches themselves outside. Rawr.

The 24-hour Laundromat

I’ve been f*cked on top of a dryer a few times at home and ONCE against a dryer in a laundromat.  The trifecta.

Screwing in a 24-hour laundromat is the fantasy of all fantasies and I speak from mind blowingly orgasmic experience.  As your combined sweats, delicates and work-clothes spin themselves toasty and dry on a 30-minute cycle — you have a warm and very public fuck.  Who knows?  You might find yourself an audience and get a standing ovation. Insert clapping. Brava! Brava!

The Department Store Change Room

Having sex in a department store change room very rarely makes sex-list articles, which is a shame because it’s HOT.  People often seek refuge in department stores when they’re out and about in winter, to warm their bones.  But on the subject of bone-warming, I suggest you mischievously sneak into a change room with your partner and a stack of clothes. It’s definitely a sexual experience to try on for size.

The Fireplace

I know that fucking in front of a fireplace is quite cliched and ‘very Hollywood’ but the fact is — it’s very comfortable and accessible when experimenting sexually in winter.  

It doesn’t have to be boring or romantic.  It can be hot and filthy.  Share a bottle of wine.  Throw a rug and some cushions down on the carpet.  Break out the lube, the handcuffs and the tappette. Create some body heat porn-star style.


Winter sex doesn’t have to be monotonous sex done under the duvet with our PJ’s on.  It has the possibility of being just as scorching as summertime sex.  All it requires is little bit of creativity and a whole lotta inclination.