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I love my sex bruises

My most current sex bruise – photo by Vanessa de Largie

Vanessa de Largie | The Huff Post | Dec 2, 2016

57% of women fantasize about forceful sex, according to a study by The University of Northern Texas.  

But ‘rough sex’ gets a bad name.  It’s all about consent.  It’s all about the ‘yes’ word.  

Except for the fact, that OFTEN it isn’t!

The other night, I said ‘no’ to a man when I truly meant ‘YES’.    

Fortunately he didn’t listen to my lies and rode me ferociously past the finishing line, slamming me against two walls in the chaos.

Whilst the PC police prance about swinging their batons.  I prance about swinging my sexual freedom from my gyrating hips.  

We are living in a politically correct world.  Everything we say or write is taken literally.  There is no longer space for nuance.  There is no longer space for what’s left unsaid.

The arseholes attempt to police my thoughts and mince my words but they’ll never control my love and need for sex bruises.

In unconventional circles, like the ones I belong to.  Bruises on women’s thighs and buttocks signal lust, passion, virility and animality.  

Women (and men) wear their bruises with pride. They are like the medallion one wears after warfare.  They are like the blood one wears after the kill.

And before you throw your acidic bile over my column with comments like:

“ You wouldn’t say that if you had experienced domestic violence”

“ You wouldn’t say that if you had experienced sexual assault”

I’ve experienced both as have umpteen women who enjoy the pleasures of rough sex and rape-play.  Thankfully award-winning sex-journalists like Cara Sutra from the UK, continue to write articles of great significance about this taboo topic.

As fecal matter pours out of people’s mouths at a frenetic pace, I hold on to my kinks like a long-lost-lover.

As the PC police continue to throw good men, great porn and crude humor under a bus.  I find myself craving rougher sex and riskier situations.  

When rules are tightened,  I rebel. Political correctness makes me behave like an uncontrollable teen.  I want to wipe my menstrual blood over commentator’s faces. I want to throw my shit at politicians like a monkey at the Taronga Zoo.

Could political correctness possibly be responsible for the success of Fifty Shades Of Grey  where BDSM goes mainstream and is debated on morning shows throughout the world?

Outrage recently erupted when Moroccan TV Channel 2M had ‘the vagina’ to air a clip teaching viewers how to hide domestic violence bruises using make-up. Gasp!  The masses responded with their usual vitriol.  What’s new?

I thought it was a great clip.  The fact is, women get beaten. And when you have bruises all over you, sometimes you like to venture out inconspicuously. (God, forbid). Without interrogation.

Knowing how to cover up bruises with make-up is priceless information.  It saddened me that 2M apologized.  As far as I’m concerned, no apology was needed.

The world is heading into a safe-space and the safe-space is called conservatism.  Soon, we won’t be able to belch without a dissertation being written about it.

I suggest you get yourself all bruised up before the PC army arrive.  And I have no doubt,  they are on their way to ruin our sex-lives next. 

As my Irish ancestors would say: “ To be sure, to be sure”.