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The Beauty of An Erection

Is there anything more stunning than an erect cock?  

A glistening cunt runs a close draw, I guess!

​I’ve written a ton of articles about my love of pussy but right now I just want to focus on dick. One only has to look at architecture and art history to witness phallocentricity. 

For me — erect penises symbolise promise, pleasure and pain. They symbolise the masculine.  They symbolise safety and non-judgement.

There’s plenty of literature about erections on the web. 

How to produce them.

How to keep them.

How to lose them.

How to lengthen them.

How to control them.

But there are absolutely no articles about the ‘beauty of an erection’ which I find incredibly strange.  Is the texture, girth, scent and taste of cock only wondrous to me?  

I like the way cocks expand in my hand. The veins that protrude on the shaft when they’re erect. The tear of pre-cum that sits on it’s head before you wank it or deepthroat it. That’s beauty!

And how about when the penis goes from erect to flaccid and from proud to deflated? Isn’t that transition one worth writing about? 

I love the build-up you feel in the head of the cock before it ejaculates. I’m able to feel that build-up whether it’s in my hand or orifices. It’s so FUCKING sexy!

I’ve heard so many women say that penises are ugly.  How can my own gender be so horrible? I feel ashamed. Can you imagine if that was said about a woman’s cunt? There would be outrage. Men’s sperm gets a bad rap too and is discriminated against but that’s another article!  

One of my favorite Chinese erotic photographers Ren Hang, (sadly deceased, since this sex blog was written) has such an appreciation for the cock and the erection.  Ren Hang was recently interviewed by VICE and asked about the penises in his work. Ren Hang answered: 

“Erect penises are the most real and beautiful penises. People sometimes even forget they have a penis unless it’s erect, which I think is very powerful.”  

You can view Ren Hang’s amazing photography here. 


I feel better when I have a cock in my hand, mouth, cunt or anus and I don’t say that to be humorous or shocking.  

I find penises calming. Each to their own I guess!

The perfection of the erection… Meow.