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On all fours

Vanessa de Largie | The Huff Post | July 3, 2016

When I’m not on my knees.  I’m on all fours.

Doggie-style is my favorite sexual position.  It’s the one I derive the most pleasure from.  

Many women enjoy cowgirl.  The ‘cowgirl position’ gives the female more control and helps her to dictate pace and movement.  As far as I’m concerned, the ‘dirty dog’ is where it’s at: 

Doggie-style is my go-to-position for multiple orgasms.  

Doggie-style is the position I always masturbate about.

Doggie-style is the position which makes me fucking scream.

It’s primal and animalistic to be bent over and penetrated.  This sex-act not only arouses me physically but it stimulates me mentally and emotionally.

Doggie-style was referred to as coitus more ferarum in ancient Rome.  In Latin, this means ‘sexual intercourse in the manner of wild beasts’.

I could bang on all day about doggie but instead I’ve created a list on why I’m Mr. Woof’s greatest fan.


Doggie-style is pounding raw sex.  There’s no eye contact.  There’s no kissing. There’s very little intimacy.  I’ve never been one for romance.  I’m a girl who is all about action.  This sex position allows the sole focus to be on coitus.  Which is perfect for a woman like me.


I’m very assertive in my work and life.  So when I hit the sack, it’s a relief to let my guard-down and let a man take-over.  I’m happy to surrender and let him set the pace and level of aggressiveness. The more I submit to his rhythm and force — the more pleasurable the act becomes.


Doggie-style enables my lover’s penis to dust in all the right places. The constant knocking on my g-spot causes the most amazing full-body orgasms.  Sometimes the orgasms are so intense that I feel like I’m going to pass out.


Admittedly, women don’t have to do much in the doggie-style position.  Yet we receive all the delicious benefits.  Sometimes it’s nice to be lazy and have orgasm after orgasm.  It’s a tough gig but someone has to do it!


Doggie-style allows the woman to multi-task.  Perhaps you are pleasuring another woman with your mouth.  Perhaps you are on the phone. I once had a conversation with a debt-collector and by the time we finished — the debt was cleared.


Do you like to observe yourself having sex in mirrors?  I sure as hell do.  Doggie-style is a great sex-act to watch — for all involved.  


In doggie-style, a woman’s buttocks is begging to be spanked. (If you’re into that kinda thing….). This combo totally sends me off the rails and into another stratosphere. Just wow. #pleasure


I’m sorry but I love the slapping and clapping sounds this position makes. It makes me SO wet.  That’s what good sex is about — using all of the senses to induce pleasure. #clappetyslap