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The Power Between My Legs

Vanessa de Largie | Rebelle Society | May 2, 2016

In 1998, American feminist Inga Muscio released her groundbreaking book, Cunt: A Declaration of Independence.

Muscio points out that vagina is a medical term referring to a specific part of the female genitalia, whereas cunt refers to the whole package of womanhood.

Muscio says that the word cunt is powerful, and the word vagina comes from a Latin word meaning sword sheath. Her book affected me on many levels, and I’ve revisited the text numerous times since.

Not only did I reclaim the C-word, but I made changes to the relationship I have with my own genitalia.


I began to embrace my cunt-juice which was responsible for alluring the wolves.

I began to explore my cunt with my fingers more often — learning the wonders of clitoral stimulation and female pleasure.

I began to research the oppression of female sexuality throughout the ages.

I began to marvel at the monthly crimson between my legs.

My cunt has experienced a lot — sexual pleasure, rape, pap smears, abortions and great love. It’s one evolved pussy-cat! It’s been waxed, shaved, trimmed and vajazzled with crystals.

It’s been treated to the best French lingerie, the best vibrators and the best gynecologists. It’s remained fit and strong through daily Kegel exercises and the use of vaginal weights.

You see, my cunt matters.

It’s 2016, and we live in a vagina-hating-world. Women are shamed for how their cunts look, feel and smell. We are sold Brazilian waxes and fragranced vaginal sprays because our genitalia apparently revolts the world in its natural state. We’re instructed to keep our legs closed — because god forbid if anyone should witness our wealth.

The power between our legs is blamed for all evil. It’s blamed for rape and sexual abuse —  it’s even blamed for starting wars!

Vaginas depicted in the art world don’t fare any better. What’s worse is that much of the disapproval comes from women. Go to any comments section, on any article covering vaginal art, and you’ll find a stream of women making statements such as That’s disgusting!

Menstruating vaginas manage to offend everyone. In many countries, women are made to pay a tax on sanitary products, with their governments claiming that they are luxury items. How on earth can an essential product used by half the world’s population be considered a luxury item? This is an outrage.

Social media sites like Facebook ban vaginal art, yet have no issue with the commercialization and degradation of vaginas presented in other forms.

Perhaps vaginal love should be part of sex education for young girls? How else can we change their view of what’s between their legs?

I’ve just completed writing an experimental short film about my own vagina. Next month, I will start filming. I’m looking forward to exploring my cunt’s beauty and flaws artistically. I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with its scent and taste.

The power between my legs can never be measured. Its journey winds back through the ages — birthing life, pleasure and self.