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Digital Pleasure

I was 14 when I first got fingered.

I can still remember the anticipation as his hand moved through my layers of clothing — leisurely getting into my panties and pulling the silk across for access.

It was the best thing I’d felt in my life.  My entire pleasure reliant on what he did with his digits.  He stayed teasingly on the outside and I begged him to insert a finger.

The game continued.  He would go to town on my cunt with one finger, then eventually two.  I would writhe and buck on his hand until the contractions came.  Finally — contented emptiness.

He would pull his hand away slowly.  His digits shiny with my wetness.  My relieved self hungry for our next session.

In our current climate where porn is as accessible as candy.  It seems we may have lost our thirst for simple pleasures.  It’s all about extremes like anal sex and money shots.  Both are fun but let’s not underestimate a good ole finger-fucking.

Finger-fucking is also about the location:

  • Under the table at dinner in a packed restaurant
  • On the back of a bus  — (not that I’d know anything about that) cough.
  • While he’s speaking to his girlfriend on the phone, ride that digit….ride it!
  • While your best girlfriend in the world, sits on his face.

Fingering your pussy is a way to move forward in your life — both spiritually and artistically.  One rises through their sexual energy.  If you know your own cunt, you will be a better lover.  How can you possibly tell a lover how to finger-fuck you if you’ve never finger-fucked yourself.

One finger.
Two fingers.
Three fingers.
​Please sir, please.  May I have some more?