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My Freedom Wings

Vanessa de Largie | The Huff Post | 12th of February, 2016

Everyone has their own definition of what freedom is. What I call freedom, you may call slavery. To me — freedom is a feeling and a state of mind.

I once saw an interview with Nelson Mandela, where he spoke of being forced to break rocks in a limestone quarry. The prison system in Robben Island were trying to break him but they couldn’t.

They could make him break rocks all day, every day but they could never touch the freedom that soared within the walls of his mind.

I would call myself a free spirit. I find the feeling of freedom can be evoked by actions and small gestures. I’m a freedom-junkie and I have designed my life in a way, that allows me to feel as free as possible. Below are some things that I’ve done or do that give me my freedom wings.



Photo: Vanessa de Largie with a shaved head for film Crazy In The Night

I shaved my head on my 32nd birthday and it was an incredibly freeing experience on many levels. Removing the hair was like a form of cleansing. Women generally hide behind their hair. It’s easy to be courageous with hair but having a shaved head as a woman, takes true courage. People treat you differently with a shaved head and many make the mistake of thinking you have cancer. I will definitely shave my head again, hopefully for an amazing film role.


Vanessa de Largie & Alex Spears playing nude vampires in feature film Nocturne Night of The Vampire – they’re fake tattoos

I’m not tall or skinny. I’m short and medium-sized.
I’m not 18-years-old, I’m 38-years-young.

I celebrate my womanly curves in film roles, photoshoots and art. Bodies are beautiful and we should celebrate them. If I live to my 60s, 70s and 80s — I will continue to do nude work in all mediums. It is important that older women feel proud and represented in their skins.


Vanessa de Largie cycling down Mt Wellington, Tasmania

Nothing comes between me and my bike. I love cycling. Back in 2014, I was so addicted to it, I would cycle around for up to five hours a day sometimes. I’m over that phase! But cycling makes me feel really free and I love finding large mountains to cycle down. One of my favourite cycling experiences, was cycling down Mt Wellington Descent in Tasmania which is 1270 metres high.


Screenshot of Vanessa de Largie & film director Frank Howson in a short film

I have been practicing bondage on a more serious level, since about 2008. If the house catches fire, I am going to grab my bag of bondage gear and run really fast. But in all seriousness, there is a true freedom found in bondage. I am able to lose myself in it.


Vanessa de Largie – horseriding through the Lord of The Rings film locations in Glenorchy, New Zealand

Travel makes me feel very free. Between 2008 -2012, I traveled to 17 countries and I can’t wait to do more. Travel really suits my personality. I love to explore new worlds. I always try and experience cool new things that I would never do at home.


Vanessa having her makeup touched up on the set of Scientia where I play a scientist that gets crucified. That’s a wax suit, not her real breasts

Acting in horror films definitely brings on feelings of freedom. It’s usually chaos on horror shoots and I love chaos. I’ve worked on a lot of horror films! I’m not a fan of the genre but I do love starring in them. I really feel like I can lose myself in the acting. It feels like really good theatre to me. The shoots are always so much fun and I love, love, love the peppermint blood. #freedom


What gives you YOUR freedom wings?