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Prudish Women Are Cunts

Every sexual woman has dealt with the chilled breeze that blows off a prudish woman’s icicles.  Prudish women are the chief oppressors — they oppress through shaming, judging and labelling women who are different to them.  Their attitudes cause their female victims to feel shit about themselves — giving the poisonous prude delusions of grandeur.

  • I don’t have an issue with women who are sexually reserved
  • I don’t have an issue with women who are prudish due to their faith
  • I don’t have an issue with women who don’t feel the need to sexually express themselves 

I respect their choices.  I do however have an issue with women who don’t respect mine.  It is a fact that prudish women try to make me feel inferior to them because I embrace my sexuality.  I have found many prudish women to be self-righteous and like to prance about with a ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude.

Prudish women are negative.  Their attitudes only strengthen the patriarchy.  Until women can do and behave how men do, in all areas  (this includes sexual attitudes) we will never achieve equality.  

The most dangerous quality of prudish behaviour is that it’s often based on assumption. I refer to the incident in one of my poems — Child Sex Doll.

I had men whistling at me from cars and building sites from age 11.  Because of my sexual look, female adults assumed I was sexually active when I was just a child.  These incorrect assumptions led them to labelling me and shaming me. 

Below is an excerpt from the poem mentioned:

Shaming female adults is bad enough but shaming children and teen girls, is just so hateful.  It chips away at their innocence and self-esteem.

I’m a big girl now and I’ve finally learnt how to deal with these type of women, I don’t react by being a bitch.  I react by writing an article, a book, a poem or a blog post.  I draw a picture.  I star in another sex-positive film or photoshoot.  I will not be repressed by other women’s disapproval of me.

You see, the best form of revenge is to live courageously, loudly and free.  Let them spit spite from their cages.  Because in my lifelong experience — prudish women are cunts!