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Juliana’s Cafe

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | December 13, 2014

I had an audition this morning – stressful at the best of times. As I walked out, my body began to scream ‘feed me, for heaven’s sake FEED ME!’

My body is the big boss-lady, she gets cranky and irritable, when I don’t listen to what she shouts. At that moment I came across Juliana’s Eat-In and Takeaway Cafe.

On the advertising board, it read ‘Breakfast Special only $8.’ In smaller print it listed toast, bacon, eggs, orange juice and coffee. COFFEE? Yes my body needed that too.

literally skipped in and ordered with the friendly staff. In less than 15 minutes my OJ, meal and coffee arrived.

The OJ was cold and fresh. The coffee creamy and hot (just how I like it). And the meal?…well it was simple. Simple in a good way. Simple in a home-cooked-meal-way.

I scoffed it all, chasing it down with coffee and juice. The big boss-lady couldn’t be heard. She must’ve been lying on the couch, digesting all the goodness.

The Breakfast Special at Juliana’s Cafe is a winner. Why don’t you take a punt?

Get your egg and bacon on. Yeah!