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Electric Shorts @ The Melbourne Fringe Festival

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | October 9, 2012

We often hear of the term independent in relation to films, but independent often means big budget and private investors.

Electric Shorts is the only film festival in the world to show films that are fully funded by the film maker.

Electric Shorts is also a free event, which makes it different to most film festivals.

Electric Shorts is not about the bucks but rather about the passion and integrity involved in the art of film making.

Creator of Electric Shorts – Jim Stamatakos, is a Greek/Australian film maker, who has directed films, such as Paris-New York-London, Lilith (a must see) and Telos.

Jim is also a photographer and has had his work published in the Australian/Greek Magazine – Thifonies and Country Road Catalogues.

Electric Shorts is now in it’s 9th consecutive year at The Melbourne Fringe Festival. Get yourself there and support local talent.

For more info visit the Electric Shorts website.