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Spag n Drag – The Manly Sisters

Image Courtesy Of The Manly Sisters

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | June 21, 2012

Recently, I caught up with The Manly Sisters to talk about their Spag n Drag show coming up on the 23rd of June at The Local Hotel in Port Melbourne. Here’s what they had to say.

How did ‘The Manly Sisters’ come to be?

The Manly Sisters were formed in 2004, with a group of Drag Queen “wannabes” teaming up for a bit of fun (I dare say this may also have been due to the copious amounts of alcohol consumed on the night).

I don’t think any of us really thought that 8 years later the troupe would still be running and going from strength to strength – starting at a dingy bar in St Kilda, to three seasons at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and an invitation to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

We’ve also toured regional Victoria and even crossed the country (in a Kia Carnival no less) to perform in regional WA!.

We’ve had a few cast changes over the years, with different performers leaving, new ones joining us and even a few old ones returning, which has kept the enthusiasm and energy levels high. The current line up have been working together for about two years.

What can one expect from your next ‘Spag N Drag’ Show on the 23rd of June?

A night of Drag-tastic entertainment! Lots of audience interaction, sing-a-long tunes and a camp night out. You won’t see too much ‘tit’ and ‘ass’ – its more about colourful costumes, drag queen humour and having fun – oh, and a great meal too!

The way the show runs can vary depending on how interactive the audience is. We cater to a very diverse audience from hens parties, birthdays and work functions, to smaller groups just out for a night of fun.

I see on your website that, as performers, you have all performed nationally and internationally at comedy festivals. What is the difference between performing drag in Australia and performing it overseas?

For us there was little difference – its all about getting up on stage and having fun, and sharing the Australian humour with the audience. As long as we’re having fun, it comes across on stage and the audience has a great night too! In the UK we had to really sell ourselves as most UK Drag Queens sing live… but the comedy aspects of our show won the audience over time and time again!

Will there be more overseas gigs?
Nothing planned at this stage, but never say never!

I adore wigs and have a collection of my own. Everyone knows drag queens boast amazing hair. Where do you girls get your wigs from? Or is it a secret ?

It’s a HUGE secret… lol. Actually, mostly from eBay, but generally what you see us wearing on stage has very little resemblance to the picture on the eBay auction – its all about lacquer, heir spay (sic) and a real good tease! Often we wear 2 or 3 wigs at once to get the fuller look.

If you intend to see The Manly Sisters in action at their next gig on the 23rd of June, the prices are below. Meals will start at 7.30pm and the show concludes between 10.30pm -11pm. Please advise if you are bringing children.

Dinner & Show: $49 per person
Show only: $25 per person

Spag n Drag is a fabulous night of cabaret with over two hours of live entertainment from some of Melbourne’s biggest and best drag performers.

For more info visit the Spag n Drag Website or dial 0434 679 616.

Image Courtesy Of The Manly Sisters