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JD’s Diner & Bar @ Bell City

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | May 11, 2012

This weekend, I enjoyed a two-night escape at Bell City for some ‘me time.’

After some R&R in my hotel room, I decided to head down to JD’s Diner & Bar for some tucker.

On the menu up in the room, I had spied udon noodles with prawn & vegetables, which took my fancy. So I ordered that and a glass of house merlot, which came to $21 all up.

The merlot was a really nice drop, unfortunately I never asked the staff member for the name of the wine (my bad).

When the udon noodles arrived, I was most impressed. The presentation was immaculate and had me salivating.


Then I gorged on the meal, it was so tasty and I was so hungry (I’m afraid I’m a gluttonous sinner).

Fresh coriander, carrots, red capsicum, shallots, parsley and this spicy, sweet Thai tasting sauce, which marinated the king prawns, noodles and veggies to perfection.

I guess I wasn’t expecting a bistro diner in a hotel lobby to serve such a high standard of food. I assumed I would get shrimp rather than copious amounts of king prawns. It was a welcome surprise.

I obviously highly recommend the udon noodles which come with a choice of chicken & mixed vegetables, prawn & mixed vegetables or just vegetables. (for vegetarians).

JD’s offers a range of snacks, ie: potato wedges, calamari, chicken wings and pizza. For mains they offer a variety of burgers, enchiladas, steak, lamb, fish & chips, pasta – the list goes on.

They also have a to-die-for sweets menu which boasts stickydate pudding and raspberry cheesecake. Yummo.

I am guessing this article has got your tastebuds dancing. Now it’s time to make those tastebuds sing with joy.

Visit JD’s today for some scrumptious scoffs.