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Should There be More Smoking Areas in Melbourne Bars and Pubs?

Vanessa de Largie | Topic Media | March 25, 2012

This article is not about changing laws or bringing back smoking venues. This article is however asking if smoker designated areas could afford more comfort.

I am not an everyday smoker or even an every week smoker but I do like to indulge in a cigi occasionally when I’m socialising, celebrating or sharing a good glass of grape with treasured friends.

As winter draws closer, I feel compassion for those smokers in Melbourne, who in many venues, will be shifted out the front, without their drink, without any coverage from the weather and last but not least, without any heat to stay warm.

I commend the Polly Cocktail Bar in Brunswick Street for creating a great outside area for smokers, with heat, coverage from the melancholic Melbourne weather, comfortable seating and food and beverage table service. It is another reason I always choose Polly when meeting in Fitzroy with a group of friends, it accommodates everyone.

I fully understand the non-smoker not wanting to work in a smoking environment but considering the government is still happy to reap the tax benefits from the sale of cigarettes, surely the ‘smoking tax payer’ is entitled to the same comforts in drinking venues that is afforded to the non smoker? An outside area with heat, seating and drinking allowed.

Do you know of any great drinking venues which are accommodating to the smoker?

More importantly, should there be more ‘accommodating’ areas for smokers at drinking venues in Melbourne?

Have your say below.