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SUTRA Sex Toy Review by Maxim Sex Columnist – Vanessa de Largie

In 2020, Wellington businesswoman Taslim Parsons launched New Zealand’s first complete luxury sex toy brand — Share Satisfaction. After the enormous success of their flagship product Kama, the luxury brand welcomes a new addition to their line and it’s called the Sutra.

When I was contacted by the wonderful folks at Adult Toy Megastore in New Zealand and offered the opportunity to review the Sutra — I jumped at the chance. After all, my last experience with Adult Toy Megastore delivered me this wonderful product.

The Sutra arrived while Melbourne was still in lockdown and I couldn’t get the box opened quick enough. 

Being an artist and a creative — presentation ranks high when I do a review. And the presentation of the Sutra was nothing less than outstanding.  

The Sutra is a dual stimulation toy consisting of a clitoral suction and a g-spot vibrator.  It’s made of body safe silicone and is 100% waterproof which is ABSOLUTELY essential for a bath mermaid like me.

Always one for breaking the rules.  I was so excited to start using the Sutra, I decided to road-test the toy before reading the instructions and felt like I was behind the wheel of an out-of-control sport’s car.  

Humour aside, after I familiarised myself with this toy — BOY-OH-BOY-OH-BOY!  The toy has 5 suction modes and 10 vibration patterns — what else could a hornbag ask for?

Once you’ve inserted the g-spot end vaginally and rested the suction on your clit — you can lay back and go hands-free.  

For women who want to ejaculate but haven’t yet, the Sutra may be the toy to get you there. The Sutra is incredibly flexible and really allows the user to get it into a position that suits their body best.

But the most beautiful addition to the Sutra is the GORGEOUS clamshell case that doubles as a storage unit and a USB charger.  It truly is classic and reminds me of a 1950’s makeup compact.

I cannot praise the Sutra enough as a dual stimulation toy and will value it as an elegant and classy addition to my incredible sex toy collection.  Once again, a big thanks to Adult Toy Megastore and Share Satisfaction — it was  a pleasure!