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Sex for rent

Vanessa de Largie | The Spectator | Dec 4, 2018

According to feminist doctrine. Women are powerless, desireless and lack sexual agency.  They retain zero autonomy over their bodies.  And much like saints — they are blameless for anything and everything.

On Thursday, a column was published in The Independent titled: Sex for rent is a form of modern day slavery — so why aren’t we prosecuting abusive landlords?

In the column, British MP, Sarah Champion bangs on about the exploitation of women in the ‘Sex For Rent’ market in the UK — due to their vulnerability.  

She states:

Coercing someone to pay their rent with sex is a vile, criminal act.

But as one commentor on the article rightfully points out:

There is no way that 1) all landlords are men, 2) all exchanges favor men 3) all the tenants are women, 4 ) all tenants who exchage sex for rent are weak, 5) all the participants are coerced.

Sex For Rent is a hot topic in the Australian media too.  A column published highlights how men are also being targeted by these ads.  But the fembots don’t bother mentioning this as it doesn’t mesh well with their victimhood narrative.

At 22,  I boarded a Greyhound bus in Perth with a suitcase and a dream.  At the time, nothing ‘artistic’ was happening in my hometown and you would’ve found more culture in a tub of yoghurt.

I arrived in Melbourne three days later — penniless.  

I survived on the streets for two and a half weeks before landing the lead role in a professional play and moving into share accomodation. 18 years later, I’m still here — fighting.

How did I survive?  

I would go into 24-hour pokie venues at night, drink free coffee and pretend I was playing the machines or (that I was with someone who was).

I would leave my suitcase with shop-owners.  You would be amazed at how hospitable shop-owners are, if you just have the courage to ask for help.

I would go into the Crown Casino for warmth and get free drinks from men.  I went home with a few of them and spread my legs, so I had a comfy bed to sleep in for a night or three.

It’s called ‘survival sex’ and I did it with the full knowledge of what I was doing.

My point is,  there are women exploiting men every hour of every day.  They use their pussy and looks to get ahead. They use their sexualities to hold power over men in and out of marriage.

Many women would happily pay for rent via sex instead of cash — I personally know women in the arts who currently do it or have done it.

I know women who have approached male landlords for this kind of arrangement.  Not every woman is coerced. Not every woman feels degraded by paying for rent with sex.  Some women own their choices — whatever their predicament.

Sex has been a currency for centuries and will remain so.  Women are not blameless creatures in this dynamic.

Sex for rent is not a gender issue.